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Cordless circular saw with 1.5Ah battery?

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  • Cordless circular saw with 1.5Ah battery?

    Hello everyone,

    I am a weekend DIYer looking to buy a circular saw after relying on Home Depot and borrowed tools to make cuts for projects up to this point. I like what I see from Ridgid, based on reviews, their warranty, and satisfaction with my drill/driver kit over the last couple years. My main decision point is between the corded vs cordless models. The reviews I have seen are pretty convincing in favor of the cordless version, with good power output and more than enough battery life for most projects. However, most of these folks seem to be using 4Ah batteries, while I only have the 1.5Ah batteries that came with the drill/driver kit. Should I be concerned about operating time with my current batteries, or are the high capacity batteries overkill/only necessary for pros? I'm not into large-scale construction, but I'd like to be able to get through multiple sheets of plywood and some 2x4s and still have juice left to run the drill/driver for assembly.

    Thanks in advance!

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    You already have the battery charger.
    The 1.5AH battery may offer the run time you need..but I'd buy a
    4AH or their newer 6AH battery....

    Since you are a casual user you should be fine with one better AH rated battery.
    Now..purchasing a battery only at Home Depot is not cheap and you
    only get the three year warranty....I'd suggest you visit E-Bay and see what you can get at
    a better price...Buy only new in original packaging...Often you may get a good deal on two
    batteries for the the price of what you'd spend at Home Depot for a single battery.

    I think you can pay extra for an E-Bay type of extended warranty....but...
    over the years I have purchased new batteries on E-Bay
    18V 5AH and never worried about any warranty. I have some E-Bay purchased
    batteries that are over 4 years old and still run strong!

    Cactus Man