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Horrible home depot visit please read and reply

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    I've made this comment before, referring to the lack of knowledgable sales people, but think it applies here as well.

    I worked at Sears part-time, while going through college----later Radio Shack. When you hired on and then, periodically, you'd be give a training moduel----on everything from return policy, to cash register use, to general sales and specific training on the product lines. Sure---this cost the company money, but, at least in those days, Sears people usually knew what they were talking about and you didn't find gapping inconsistancies from one store to the other.

    Some brain trust, at HD long ago decided----why do we need to train people and who cares if stores all follow the same rules, as long as they make money.


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      It is unfortunate and unforgivable that anyone should have this kind of experience at any business.
      It is no justification, but consider that HD has 1600 locations with about 300 employees per store, or 480,000 retail employees. The average retail employee stays about 18 months, so HD must recruit and train about 160,000 per year just to maintain the existing staff level. And most of these aren’t exactly MBA material, and have little regard for anything beyond their next paycheck. However, there are many that dedicate themselves to good customer service and strive to do their best. It is unfortunate that Scott and Amy don’t seem to be among them.
      The HD webside clearly states their return policy as follows:
      HD Return Policy: %2fPower_Tools%2f20%25_Off_Power_Tools_1203&BV_Ses sionID=@@@@0245386347.107203 6448@@@@&BV_EngineID=ccdfadckfddedihcgelceffdfgidg mn.0&MID=9876 states:
      “Returns with an original sales receipt within 90 days of purchase:
      Any purchase made by credit card will be refunded to the original credit card
      Any purchase made by cash or with a debit card will be refunded in cash*. “
      I would print that information out, take it back to the store, and request a full refund or the proper credit on your purchase. If they still refuse, advise them that you would like the name and the phone number of the district manager. Also tell them that you are ready to contact Ben Hill at corporate headquarters. Ben Hill is a code name for extreme customer complaints. Then contact the customer care department at corporate headquarters.
      Customer Care: 1-800-553-3199 @@@&BV_EngineID=ccdjadckfddeejhcgelceffdfgidgmj.0& CNTTYPE=PROD_META&CNTKEY=Ser vices&MID=9876&pos=n34 states:
      “The Home Depot is dedicated to providing our customers with excellent customer service. If you would like to contact us with a comment or complaint, please call our Customer Care Department where one of our specialists will be able to speak with you personally. The Customer Care Department is available Monday through Friday, 8am-8pm EST. We are always appreciative of our customer's input and will work with you to provide the information you require or a solution to your problem.”
      BBB is a total waste of time. You may get a response in several weeks, but absolutely nothing in positive action. They don’t maintain files on non-members, and have no authority to take action against members, other than cancel their membership. Big Whoop. Now they don’t have to pay dues.
      Poor customer service is where you find it, at HD, Lowe’s, Sears, Radio Shack, Walmart, or others. All of these companies invest a lot of time and money in employee training, but it is up to the employee to implement it. And some of us have expectations that exceed customer service, we want product knowledge on any product at any time. Brandman has stated that he can’t know everything about Ridgid, so why do we expect the $10.00 and hr employee to know everything about Ridgid, Dewalt, and all the other thousands of products in their department, let alone the rest of the store. Customer service is helping us locate and purchase the products we need. Product knowledge rarely exceeds basic features and benefits.
      I have refused to purchase products that were only available at sources I refused to patronize, and I have purchased products that I needed in spite of the source I could get them from. If we dislike a vendor, we have to decide to go elsewhere, or overlook their weaknesses
      tbutler6, I hope you will pursue this matter, and I hope you can bring it to an agreeable solution. HD is not going away, and if we want Ridgid products at reasonable prices, we have to find a way to shop there.
      If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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        You know, the part about not getting good employees and the "training" part? Well not bragging, but I know more about their tool department than most I have met at h.d.! I can guarantee you I know more about Ridgid and I don't know that much, but they go blank if you say ridgid or give a ridgid part number!! But thats not the point of this post, I applied at a home depot that was just opening, and my background and credentials are just fine, no problems....a young girl that wouldn't know a screwdriver from an oil can told me they had "more" qualified people..sorry! I went to the first day opening, met one of the "more" qualified....didn't know his butt from a hole in the ground!! and a number of people I know have also been turned down? what is that? a few squirrels that are incompetent are afraid to hire someone that may know something? or at least more than them? That stinking h.d. is an enigma to me and I cannot believe they stay in business!
        \"Aarrgh, sliver me timbers\"<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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          sliver---Didn't you know "more qualified" meant "willing to work for low wages and be happy."


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            I have been lusting over 12" CMS's for a while and studied all the features of all the major brands. I read every tool review I can get my hands on and posts all over the net. I go into Home Depot to ask some questions and the tool guy was useless. I also pointed out to them that they had the labels backwards on two of their miter saws. One was a dual bevel and the other one wasn't. When I pointed it out to the guy that worked there, I got an "Oh!".

            I tried to get on last year as a part timer at a new HD. I figured I had a pretty good shot even though I am just a serious hobbyist (20 years) and amateur fixer upper. I had about 12 years of product support experience in the computer industry, so I know how to treat customers well. I can tell you one thing. If I got the service that Mr. Butler got, heads would be rolling at that HD. If I had given that kind of service when I was in product support, I would have gotten a foot firmly planted you know where.

            HD is majorly inconsistent from location to location and even from time to time within the same location. I was running 220 volts to the garage, walked in to HD, and had a retired electrician help me pick out exactly what I needed. I wasn't sure about a few things and he cleared it right up. The next time I go in there I can't find anyone who has a clue. Go figure.

            My wife went in there looking for finishing scrapers (scrapers you use so you don't have to sand as much). I had explained to her what they were and what they looked like. They kept trying to send her to the paint department for paint scrapers. She finally got frustrated, went to the WoodCraft store on the other side of the street, walked in the door and said I am looking for finishing scrapers. Their response... "We have exactly what you need right over here."

            Makes me want to sell my Home Depot stock!


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              I would have asked Amy if she knew what it felt like to walk with a 18v Hammer drill up her asss.

              Seriously though. Like Daveferg said. You shouldn't hold all of HomeDepot and the hard working people (there are many I'm sure) accountable for Amy and Scott's action. I work for a very large telephone company and there are thousands of people who probably are in customer service types of roles but shouldn't even have any interaction with customers but they do.

              The only way you can make this right with yourself, HomeDepot, and the fools you encountered is to get the situation in front of the appropriate people there. Unfortunately the sale's over but maybe if you get the right help you'll get what you deserve which is a credit.


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                Not sure who you would contact? sent email this time and the last time...never heard a word? Thats why I say, they could care less!! I sent it to their "contact us" email address?
                \"Aarrgh, sliver me timbers\"<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                  Their "contact us" e-mail addy probably gets read by some goof in the corporate mailroom. I've sent complaints and never got a response either. One of these days, just for grins, I'm going to make a complaint by sending an overnite package with my complaint letter to the president of the company. Surely someone will rad it then because they think it's important. (trust me, i've seen it work)

                  the situation with the tools at HD is nothing new. last year when I went shopping for my JPO610, I found an HD that had them tagged for $399 i went to buy it, but they were out. Went to another store that had one, but it was marked at $449. I had a cart load of bessey clamps and several other items that easily topped $300. the manager acknowledged that he just called the other store, but that the $399 price was "an old sale". Wouldn't give me the marked price from the other store, so i left the merch n the middle of the isle nd walked out.

                  3 weeks earlier at another store, I spent $3k on remodel supplies. I had seen a free delivery sign if over so much was purchased. Went to counter to get rung up and have the stuff delivered. Was told "we don't deliver fo free, and we never have" I walked over, pulled down the sign and slammed it on the desk and asked what the hell it said. He pointed to the small date on the corner and said "this offer was over with a month ago". (I about belted the guy, but my wife works at that HD and I didn't want to cause her problems)


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                    it is unfortunate that you had such a bad experience at HD, that should no way overshadow the value of the ridgid tools. we went on last weekend and purchased several tools due to the 20off and the warranty as well as HD promo for te card thru 2005. so good deal! the assoc we found was top notch as all have been at this store that we frequent. however what you describe is not something new in todays market place. it boils down to one thing, there is a lot of people that were promoted to mgmt when times were good and they happened to been there the longest. were they qualified??? time is no gaurantee of qualification, period. I am new to this forum and can see what many have told you, post this to HD upper mgmt and then send them a postal letter as well and i bet you will get a surprise. I had similar experience with LONG JOHN SILVERS rest, we had horrible food and the rest was dirty and manger was a slob, so that night i emailed LJS corporate and behold, the next day i got a call from them, then 20 mins later a call from the rest mgr all apologizing and want to send me certtificates for free meals, i passed them up because that chain is in serious trouble with horrilbe quality. But it did show that they are responsive to complaints and i bet you will find the same thing at HD. enough said, i am tempted to purchase the orbital jigsaw prior to 12/31 so i can get the lifetime warr, does anyone own this yet and what do u think?????? denis [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                      You dont expect the same service at wal mart that you would expect at a mom and pop store do you? Why should Home Depot be any different. Lets get to the core reason why we shop there! Price. They acheive this by putting competetion out of business,undercutting everyone, and getting a better bottom line by having incompetent underpaid workers on the floor. If you want a smile and a handshake, I would suggest shopping at another store. Plus I noticed in your email that you didnt include store location, and I would assume there is probably more than one amy or scott working at that particular home depot, so last names would help! I wouldnt expect a nice fluffy email from a multi national corporation, lets face it, poor customer service is how they make their bottom line.

                      Am I the only one that has ever noticed though, that there are a ton of employees always walking through HD's but nobody seems to ever be doing anything?


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                        On the other hand, I just had a positive experience at the local HD. About a week ago, I bought a rechargeable Husky brand 2.25 million CP spotlight at one of the other HDs in the area.

                        When I got it home, I found that the small area light in the base of the handle was broken. I returned the spotlight to my local HD. They credited my charge card with no hassle, and I bought a new spotlight and a bunch of other items.

                        Several days later, I noticed that they had charged me for TWO lights, instead of the ONE that I had purchased. (I know I should have checked the receipt more carefully at the time of puchase, but I didn't.)

                        So I took both receipts (the return and repurchase) in to the local HD and explained what happened to the "Returns" desk. The lady on duty said that she would have to OK it with her manager. She made a brief phone call, then credited my charge card for the extra spotlight. The whole thing took all of two minutes and was very pleasant.


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                          Just wanted to share an experience with you. Some big companies still deliver customer service & low cost product. I had a confruntation with a manager at McDonalds manager who accused me of lying when I asked him to recount a drawer. I was short changed 10 dollars at drive through window. He would not refund my money or even give a token gift certificate. I immmediately sent email from corp site of McDonalds. They sent out a whole bucketfull of free meals. I was sworn to never frequent that store or McDonalds again. From the personal email and gesture I got from McDonalds, I happily go to McDonalds. Just not too often cuz it's not good on the waistline.. lol

                          But it is possible for big companies to provide good customer service. That being said, I don't expect to see it from Home Depot. They've been behind the 8 ball for too long in that department. Probably b/c of business decision to expand too fast and get too much debt on the books. But for whatever reason, I just don't see cust service being fixed anytime soon.



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                            Any store would have to service your request. That's nothing above and beyond on service. If they didn't you'd have called Visa / Mastercard and got the credit yourself. Home Depot will probably always honor their 30 / 90 day guarantees .. some with more resistant than others.

                            But as for the Ridgid Warranty, they have gone to great lengths to separate their stores form the servicing of their exclusive product line.



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                              Jake, you're right that HD has caused itself quite a few problems by rapid expansion, but debt isn't one of them. In fact, as you'll note here, there isn't much at all wrong with HD's finances. Most corporations would kill for a 6% debt/equity ratio.

                              Of course, that margin is obtained on the backs of some pretty overworked employees....


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                                What you say is true, but I think you missed my point, or perhaps I wasn't clear enough. They mistakenly charged me for two spotlights when I only bought one. I didn't catch the mistake at checkout, and neither did the cashier.

                                When I figured out what had happened, I went to HD and asked them to correct the error. I had no way of proving that I didn't walk out of the store with two spotlights, and it was several days later. The only thing in my favor was the return receipt which showed only one spotlight being returned.

                                While it is not likely that I would have brought one back, got a credit, and them purchased two of the same item, it isn't beyone the realm of possibility either--or for that matter, reason.

                                But the fact is, I didn't, but couldn't really prove it. They took my word for it and issued an appropriate credit in a pleasant, professional manner.

                                That earned my respect.