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Horrible home depot visit please read and reply

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  • Horrible home depot visit please read and reply

    Rather then retype exactly what happened again. I will paste what I just sent to homedepots home office. I'm looking forward to the feedback.

    I am really disapointed with an experience I had with your customer service from associates Amy and Scott. I am regretting the many purchases I have made from your store. I bought a ridgid 3pc. combo for $330 32 days ago. I went to customer service to get a price adjustment when Amy was flat out rude saying its been longer then 30 days, can I help who's next in line. So that I let slide and went to buy a ridgid 6" ROS for $150 before discount. While doing this i met a very knowledgable and respectful employee. Jack I think his name was (in a wheelchair) said thats not right, called a manager who approved of me getting my $60 or whatever back. We go down to customer service again Amy says NO! and calls scott who overruled Tim the manager that approved it, then saying he wasn't going to do it for me. So I couldn't believe It I'm holding a 150 sander in my hand as all this is going on. Right there home depot lost my buisness but what happened next Is making me try to find the better buisness bureu's website in my other browser window. I was thanking Jack who rolled himself all the way from tool corral to customer service to help me and Scott comes back while I'm thanking him and says this. exact words. "Are you going to be here all night, because you can stand here as long as you want but you are not going to get you money back." at a loss for words, will not ever shop there again nor my friends and family. Totaly unprofessional, rude, I don't know what to say because I will email this to better buisness bureu if someone advises me to. Kind of hard to be a fan when your are verbally attacked by a manager.

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    That's a pathetic example of professionalism, manners and customer service, but I doubt there's was anything illegal to report to the BBB. However, I would take this issue just as far as I possibly could within HD....heck, you've even got employee witnesses to the situation. Don't give up. I'd probably go back and give Scott a good piece of my mind (assertively of course....never rude), and let him know that you're gonna put a big chink in his career.


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      A couple of weeks ago, there was an article in the business section, about HD's CEO, who said they were going to strive to make the stores consistant, as to policy, etc. Apparently, they need to make them consistant "within" the store.

      Having worked in retail during Christmas, I guess I can have a degree of understanding about an employee getting a bit rude or frazeled, but sounds like they were ganging up on you.

      Seriously doubt you'll get much from the BBB----they're pretty much supported by the very businesses they're supposed to collect complaints on. If you want to make a case, you'd have to get information on their 90 day policy and see if it fits with honoring the new sale. My experience is that if they allow you the sale price, it's usually out of good customer relations rather than policy----about the only exception is the stores with the 30 day low price guaurentee, which it sounds like you exceeded.

      But, agree---there's no excuse for that kind of treatment----particularly with yet another tool in your arm.


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        Just to show how inconsistent the stores are, I walked in this morning and received the 20% discount on receipts dated 10/15/03 and 10/12/03. The cashier questioned it and I said that I would bring the tools back in my truck and return them under the 90-day return policy and ask for new ones if I had to do so. She promptly called the manager who didn't even ask to be brought up to speed. She told him I was asking for the 20% credit on receipts within 90 days and he told her to issue it.

        It can drive you crazy just trying to figure out what applies to you.


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          That is out of character with HD's general policy and completely unacceptable. HD corp marketing would have a cow, reading your post... that is definitely not the face they work to portray to the public.

          FWIW I had a similar, though less egregious, encounter with Lowe's manager this AM. HD has no monopoly on stupidity, and the one I normally frequent is pretty good as far as attitude. Another one about the same distance from the crib is the Dark Side... always a mess and a whatchoo-doon-here attitude as soon as you're in the door.

          I would definitely pursue the written complaint in your case and wish you luck with it. You might at least get a nice gift card out of it, and you could always redeem it on-line (rather than patronize Mr. Mouth's store again).


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            you should return the tool if it's within the 90 day window. Then go to lowes and buy it b/c they have a 20 % discount from what I'm reading til sunday.

            Sory bout your experience,



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              I did not leave things to chance. I just bought another kit at the reduced price, went back with the original receipt, dated November 2, 2003, with the brand new sealed kit, and told them that I had bought it for a Christmas gift and changed my mind.

              Absolutely no problem whatsoever. The cashier did not even need the manager's approval.

              Stores intentionally advertise for customers to shop early. I have even seen Christmas items on display at WalMart two weeks before Labor Day.


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                tbutler6, you would be doing me, as a Home Depot employee, and my fellow orange wearers the greatest possible favor by taking this issue straight to the wall. Go as far up the chain as you have to in order to find someone who will tell you, "This was wrong. We apologise, and we're going to take action to ensure that those people don't treat another customer that way." Make sure Home Depot knows they've got management people in that store who thumb their nose at the concept of "doing the right thing."

                Running a Hardware Department at Home Depot under current staffing levels is difficult enough, without ignorant screwups like those you faced ruining my reputation for me, before I even speak to a customer.

                I would ask that you realize that (hopefully) this was an isolated incident, and it in now way characterizes any corporate attitude or direction on the part of Home Depot. The vast majority of HD employees are decent people, just like their customers, and if anything we're as angry about hearing your story as you were living it.


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                  I know that I could have gotten credit for the difference, but why bother. It's easier the way I did it. No arguements. And, return polic is much more liberal during the holiday season and a month or two after.

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                    I bought a 3650 on 10/20/03 and called the store about the refund of the 20%. The returns clerk said it was over the 30 day price match, I said I have 90 days to return it but all I wanted was the 20% off. She replied I would have to return the saw to Ridgid and buy a new one in the box. Rather than argue with this person I asked to talk to the manager who was very nice and said that it was no problem. Went to the store and spoke to him. I received $116 back and it was a very different experience than the HD store only several miles away which I try to avoid at all costs. It seems like anything in this world, it is who you talk to.


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                      Thanks alot for your feedback. I did file a complaint with explaing what happened. I did not even request the difference b/c its not even about that anymore. I just told them what happened. Hopefully there will be somewhere else I can by tools from besides homedepot. And it is not homedepot its some of their associates, alot of them are actually quite helpfull just doing their job.


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                        Sorry to hear about your problem. I frequent HD quite a bit and sorry to say but store to store their is great inconsistancy,that is sad. even employee to employee, I would probably have to agree with HD folks you were out of your 30 day money back as is HD's Policy But, the product has a 90 day no questions asked return agreement from the manufacture, the 90 day return says for you to take it back to the DEALER you purchased it from. that is the what you need to insist on then go buy the 3 piece combo it will even probably have the Newer updated drill. They can sqweel all they want, it is what it is.
                        Good Luck
                        P.S. Go back tomorrow and pick up the flyer with the 90 day Money back print and just smile

                        The RIDGID web page has a PDF version of the 90 day return policy you can print that AND, show them their advertisment flyer.

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                          Home Depot's inconsistancy is unbelieveable.
                          One HD didn't want to give me 10% off for signing up for there credit card. I pulled out my cell phone called a HD a few miles away and they were giving 20%+10% off. The HD I was at went ahead and gave me the 10%.
                          Then Sat. my brother went to yet a 3rd HD in Raleigh and everything was until he checked out, the cashier told him he had to charge the ENTIRE amount on his new HD charge card to get the 20%+10%. I talked to the manager and told him, that other HD's don't make you charge the entire amount. He agreed and we went on our way.
                          I'm going to send an email to Home Depot Corporate complaining about the inconsistancy.


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                            The purpose of the BBB is for people to investigate someone they want to do business with. If there are many complaints with a business, you may want to avoid them; no complaints, then that's good.
                            The best route is to do an online complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. They take it seriously and will investigate. I had a complaint with a business and did this. The FTC took care of it in about 3 months. The BBB has no power. The FTC can issue fines and take serious matters to court.


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                              Home depot will soon be out of business in my opinion, you can't be that incompetent and stay in business! I went in thursday to buy a 3650 ts, they had screwed around and I couldn't get the 3612 I wanted, the one made in USA, didn't have one as usual, guy takes me to the "pro" desk, what a joke, pro! says one coming in but can't hold it for you, only if product is in store,?? I said you told me the opposite when I missed out on the 3612! Well...policy change he said....then on here I see about a 20% discount, checked out paper and viola! So I called the clerk, he said I don't blame you, let me take you to the "pro" desk LOL the term always cracks me up!! this clown,the same one we had talked to thursday, because I could hear him in the background and his rude condescending know-it-all voice, said "you mean the sears saw? you mean the sears saw? then the clerk I was talking to said "no the flat table" LOL these are pro's now LOL then the "pro" says is that the 12 inch or the 10 inch?...LOL you didn't know ridgid made a 12 inch table saw did you? Anyway he then said sorry I sold that yesterday!! I said you just told me thursday you couldn't sell it until it was on property! he said" who told you that"? to make a long story shorter, he then said he would refer me to a manager, he put me on hold and that was the last I talked to I missed out again on buying the saw, missed out on the 20 percent discount, and home depot has lost a customer that spends a lot of money on tools and materials..I sent an email to them, but haven't heard anything and sure I won't..they could care less and as I mentioned in my email, the customers are the least important commodity to home depot! There, didn't do any good, but wanted to get it off my chest, those are the stupidest, most ignorant, rude and incompetent people I have ever met in my life...oh forgot when I asked for a tablesaw "ridgid 3650 tablesaw" the guy walks over to the mitresaws? and the time before when I asked for a ridgid planer, another guy points to a jointer and said "theres one"! Problem is, this is not a one store problem, this is a company problem, I have shopped at a dozen home depots in 3 states and its the same everywhere, they are losing probably 2/3's of their business and don't realize it because they have so many stores, everyone I know has had a belly full of them!! sorry for the rant!! Sorry I forgot a post the end of all the double talk, they called a "neighboring" store...60 miles away, but a neighbor! yes, they had two 3650's...I called them, long distance call naturally, "yes we have two, one is the floor model in pieces and the other is here for repair" repair? how do you call that stock???

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