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  • corded impact wrenches

    Has anybody used a corded impact wrench,like Dewalts DW130? Are these wrenches worth it?
    I mainly want to use it to take lug nuts(car)
    on and off.

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    Originally posted by FURPEOPLE:
    I mainly want to use it to take lug nuts(car)
    on and off.
    Not a good idea. Lugnuts should be torqued. (and just 'cause most everybody uses an impact, don't make it right).
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      An impact driver is the perfect tool for this. But the impact itself is not the answer. For pulling them off, no problem, for reinstalling them, as mentioned they need to be torqued. You can buy a torque wrench to achieve this BUT not necessary. Many automotive tool mfgrs make a "wheel torque tool" An example is

      Now other mfgr's make them and you can buy just the single one, not the entire set. These are specially designed to reinstall lug nuts at factory specs. What happens is that they are made in such a way that they are called "spring steel". What they do is once the lug nut reaches the desired torque the shaft of the tool flexes with each blow of the impact wrench so that you do not overtighten the lug nut.

      It is not that an impact wrench is the wrong tool for this, you just need to get the torque tool in order for it to work properly.

      These are available by several mfgrs as I mentioned so you can get one based on how much use it will see and how much money you want to spend.


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        You guys are right. You can use them for taking the nuts off, but if you don't use the "torque stick" that Space talked about, you can damage the studs by strenching the threads and possibly having the wheel fly off the vehicle. Not Good!
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          I have a Craftsman (made by Bosch) impact that I use for log home building and for removing lug nuts off my truck.

          I can rotate my tires in about 15 minutes using my impact wrench vs. 45 min to an hour with a hand lug wrench.

          They are worth the money!!!
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            The corded impact is a DeWalt,not Bosch at sears. It would not remove the lugs on my f350 4x4 at 155 ft/lbs.
            I tried 3 different ones,and gave up.
            I have a Husky torque wrench (250 ft/lbs max) so I know they were not over tightened. Best always to tighten fully with a torque wrench,you can warp brake rotors,break studs and damage lugs/wheels. You also do not know how tight they are anyway.
            The tool became so hot (metal front end)I could not even hold it. For a big truck forget it. My 18v Milwaukee is better.