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Cordless 18v set

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  • Cordless 18v set

    I have owned the 3 piece 18v kit since January. Have not used but 12-15 times. I am not impressed with the battery run time does not seem to last as long as my DeWalts. I have also expierenced the battery pack falling out on a couple of occasions. Now, the clutch adjustment ring has become jammed and will not turn past the 20 setting. Not sure if this is just bad luck. I am happy with the 90 day guarantee return with no questions. It should be back at the depot by days end.

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      You got a bad one. Switch it out, if your side handle is in-front of the chuck on your current drill, make sure the replacement has the handle behind the clutch. They are the newer models and have less problems in my very limited experience. For what it's worth I beat the livin' crap out of my drill, it's like it keeps getting tougher! Good Luck!
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        I have had mine since November and I use them everyday in the plumbing/mechanical contracting fields. The only problems I have had is they are starting to look scarred up from beating around in the bag(should have a case for them) and once in awhile while doing some heavy drilling, I have had the trigger stick, which isn't good if the holesaw gets caught and then the smoke starts rolling out of it. Other than that it has been great. Still waiting for a case and a radio.


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          The radio would be great! If only CD players weren't so darn delicate they could put one of those in there too. And maybe a 10" LCD screen and a satellite dish.