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sparks from 18v drill and 3 year warranty off ebay?

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  • sparks from 18v drill and 3 year warranty off ebay?

    I just purchased the 3 pc combo 18 volt hammer drill off ebay, new, not refurbished. I noticed the drill has sparks coming from the motor. I have noticed sparks on other drills but not this much...what do the sparks come from and is it harmful to the drill? Also since i bought the drill off ebay, has anyone been able to get the 3 year warranty...or perhaps taken it to HD with any problems?

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    HD is not a warranty company, nor should they help you out. If you were given a reciept by an actual company that is able to sell the Ridgid stuff, then you should be able to take it to any authorized service center.


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      all "universal motors" arch to a certain extent but if your drill seems excessive, you should return it to point of purchase for refund or exchange. Not sure how the return policy works with e-bay.


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        If you used Paypal to purchase the item off Ebay. You can invoke the BUYER PROTECTION plan through Paypal by filing a claim on the site.
        I had to use this process a few weeks ago when I got ripped off along with 20 other auction winners when the seller filed bankruptcy and took off with our money. I got my funds back in 2 weeks from Paypal and then they in turn will go after the offender.
        If you didn't use Paypal to pay for the auction-don't count on Ebay's Safe Harbour Crap. They were as useless as tits on a boar hog. They sent me nothing but canned emails stating there was nothing they could do.
        Good Luck with your issue.