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  • X2 HD Comments (3pc or standalone)

    Good day,
    I am new to this site, but I do have a comment on
    the 3 pc X-2 set I bought the other day.
    Something is peculiar about the HD that was included in the 3 pc set because it has a different model #(R841150) and specifications than the
    stand alone model(R84015). The advertised ft/lbs of torque differ (465 vs 510) and the max spin rates vary as well. But the thing that has me very concerned is that the specs listed on this site for the 3 pc HD match those of the standalone drill which was my impression as I was shopping for drills and which now appears to be false. Seems a little low to be selling a cheaper drill with the impression that it's the best available. For anyone wishing to confirm this note, you might notice that the page has
    been set up to dead end before you can get to the specs. At least that has been my experience
    on this date.
    Not a very good impression to give to a brand new customer, as I'm sure most of us are.
    That said, the drill seems solid and has a good feel yet I just can't help but feel that I got taken advantage of somehow, someway.
    I'm in the process of contacting customer service and I'll try to get back if I get any info.
    Thanks for listening,

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    The stand alone drill is not a hammer drill therefore the part numbers are not the same. You should also notice that the chucks are different. The T-handle hammer drill in the combo kits is unique and apparently not available by itself.

    If you look at some of the other posts, you'll see there has also been a change in the auxiliary handle location from in front of the chuck to the back. The entire clutch housing is different as well and its reasonable to assume that the change in speed and torque is due to a new clutch/transmission (higher speed would result in lower torque). Personally I'll take speed over torque. A couple years ago, 400 in-lbs. was considered huge. My 6 year old old Bosch drills are only 225 in-lbs. and it's plenty for anything but auger bits, large hole saws, or turning in lags. 465 in-lbs. will snap or strip most any driver bit. Driving screws does not take as much torque and power as you'd think. I do a fair amount of cabinet installation, pre-drilling and driving screws in hardwood with identical Bosch drills. Drilling drains the batteries faster than driving screws.

    You'll also see many posts on chuck runout/wobble. I think these are way overblown. I have a 4pc. and standalone 18V (wanted 4 batteries and 2 chargers) and yes both have slight wobble, but it looks worse than it really is. The outer sleeves on these are stamped metal and not machined perfectly round like the old keyed chucks or molded plastic ones. The real test is to chuck a bit - if you can find one straight enough. You'll need a perfectly machined rod to accurately measure the runout/woble. By comparison, my old Bosch and my uncle's Hitachi's are just as wobbly. You aren't going to be drilling holes to 0.010 toleranaces with a handheld drill anyway.

    You will find lots of reasons to return them if you read all these posts. I say use it for the 90 days and if you like em, keep em. No one else is giving you 90 days to decide. I compared PC, Bosch, Makita, Panasonic, Milwaukee, and wound up with Ridgid. PC & Bosch are nice but the drills are bulkier than Ridgid's. The NiMh batteries in Makita & Panasonic were a big concern to me. The lifetime warranty tipped me from Milwaukee to Ridgid. Without it, I'd probably chose Milwaukee on the strength of the "Hatchet" in the 4 pc. kit. Every one has different preferences in tools though. You liked the Ridgid enough to buy it. I wouldn't let some minor changes in specs discourage you.

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      Looks like they screwed up the page linking on the site. I sent the webmaster an email.
      Follow this link to get you past the problem then you can get to the specs you are looking for


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        I have both sets of Milwaukee and Rigid...You have not been taken advantage of...the Ridgid has more overall power in the hammer drill...yes I bought because of life time battery replacement

        Has anyone noticed "The Wobble in My Drill" guys finally dissapeared after Feb 1....My opinion is they worked for other power tool companies...

        Botton Line...They perform well, and if your a home user its a forever tool...If your a contractor...they are nice enough to be stolen...or you'll drop them from a ledge at 40 ft...

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          No, all the x2's I have looked at including the one I bought have side play in the front bearing, a significant amount. Not in the chuck. Non x2's were all tight. The Milwaukee 1/2 in on display also had side play in the front bearings, about the same amount. Anyone who works with tools would notice it very quickly. They got a new Ridgid shipment in recently and I plan on exchanging if problem corrected.