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Router table add on wing to a ts3650

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  • Router table add on wing to a ts3650

    Hey, new on here just curious what you guys suggest for a router insert on a ts3650. I just bought the saw used. Thanks

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    I sold a Craftsman router table about a year ago on Craigslist to a buyer who had your Ridgid saw.... he told me at the time that it was a perfect fit for his wing extension.

    Here is a pic I got off the net of what I sold him. Click image for larger version

Name:	craftsman router table.jpg
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ID:	742679 It's something you might want to consider.


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      At one point in time I had a Wolfcraft router table that was very similar to your old Craftsman, both having the aluminum tops. While the aluminum did not affect the performance of the router table at all, it did leave marks on almost every piece I passed over it. That in turn required additional sanding on my part. Did you experience that with the Craftsman? If so, the OP may want to consider that before deciding if this route would be his best choice.
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    @ BadgerDave ... I don't recall mine leaving any marks, but I didn't use it that much... I bought it as a package with the router to use it with my stile and rail bit kit but it wasn't accurate ( adjusting router ) and ended up using my uncles molding machine. The measurement for the wing of a ts 3650 is 16 "x 27 " so any router table with those measurements should fit by swapping the out.

    The OP might want to consider this cast iron router top..... General International # 40-070 and I believe they also sell the legs to hold it up.


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      Welcome to the RIDGID Forum. If you haven't come across it yet, there is a thread with loads of info on the 3650 which will be of help. It's called TS-3650 Assembly Tips and it's in the Woodworking topic area.

      Here's the link:

      Here's another thread about adding router table to a TS3650 with links to other posts on the subject. I had a TS3650 years ago and when I went to add a router table to the right side I thought about a cast iron one. But the cost and mostly the weight kept me from going that route and I'm glad I did pass on the CI top. There are plenty of good router table inserts that will fit. IIRC it's 27 inches front to back between the rails plus a smidge for some shims.

      Here's some more:

      This thread has the best photos of my TS showing the router insert.
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        Thanks for all the tips and information gents, one more question is there alot of vibration while the TS3650 runs. And a kinda jerk when you shut it off?


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          I would check the belt tension and alignment, an issue with either of those may be what's causing the jerk at shut down.