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  • Ridgid/Craftsman?

    I was in Sears the other day looking at circular saws. I noticed a Craftsman 19.2v CS that was priced at $199. It was not part of a combo kit like all other craftsman cordless saws. When I picked it up and looked at it, I noticed that it is virtually identical to the 18v Ridgid cordless saw that comes in the combo kits. Most noticeable is that the battery slides on and is positioned parallel to the plate, exactly like the Ridgid saw. Both have identical spindle lock buttons and magnesium guards. Is this the same saw? Does this mean that Sears will soon be selling a Craftsman line that is identical to the Ridgid tool line?

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    No - not same. Just read and re=read the article in FineWoodworkings Tools and Shops winter 2003/04 edition No. 176, discussing this.
    Been discussed here elsewhere so won't get into all of it but ---- NO. And yes in that OWT is part of TTI and TTI builds some of Sears/Craftsman stuff (not all). Different specs, et al.
    Page 34 if one desires to read it all I guess ....
    sounds confusing but it's not.
    Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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      Ridgid got out of macking the sears tools because sears wanted more of the pie each year and ridge tool got pissed, so they went to court to stop sears from useing the tool designs that were all of ridge designs. so craftsman had to redesign ther whole power tool line. there is no lost love between those two.


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        it was posted earlier this year that Sears sued Ridgid for using the designs they had previously used for Sears, and selling it under the Ridgid name. It also mentioned that Ridgid did not return some manufacturing equipment that was design of Sears models. I know no truth to any of this, or your information.

        I would however like to read the soarce of your information as curiosity and knowledge base can determine many things about tools. Can you point me in the right direction?
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          Memphis Business Journal, Aug. 15, 2002, "Sears sues Emerson over tools":



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            I heard all of this from a high up employee at ridgid when i went there for training about 4 years ago. so i dont no what the truth was. just took it for granted from the ridge tool employee.