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not a nice thing--HD or Ridgid?

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    i wonder why people hates communists and threaten to kill them?? [img]smile.gif[/img] hmmm and free tool rental for 30days... sounds interesting..


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      Not to be the guy who steps up and says yes and no, but I felt I did need to say something.

      "Free tool rental for 30 days"?

      You betcha. If they offer a NO QUESTION ASKED return policy, well then, I (for one) will step up and TRY a tool to see if I like it. I have bought a router, used it and returned it. I then walked over and purchased ANOTHER. I ended up purchasing a $169.00 Milwaulkee router, which was $70 cheaper than the original piece of crap I bought.

      "Made in AMERICA"?????

      I cannot say much on this but....WHAT DO WE (AMERICANS) EXPECT????? We hold out for higher wages and benefits to support our families. We get unions to get us even more. Where on earth do you think the extra money comes from???? Higher prices, lesser quality. Simple economics. If Joe American will do this for X and Chung Lee will do it for 1/10 of X, any major company will contract them to do so. WHY? Because it always.....ALWAYS.....ALWAYS comes down to PRICE. When was the last time you looked at tool reviews and bought that great drill WITHOUT looking at prices. If it were a few bucks more, it would not matter. If it were several hundred more than the next, you would pick up the #2 drill.

      "Selling new as used and selling used as new"?

      Doesn't surprise me at all. We have all purchase something that was purchased and returned. Plain and simple. Most of the time we never knew it at all. I look at it like this: If I go into Lowes or HD and decide on a saw, I look for the box that is in the best condition. Factory sealed and very little wear on the box. That is my indication it is brand spankin' new. Prior to lugging the thing to check out, I pull out my keys and open the box to verify that fact. Why bother driving 15 minutes to the store, spending another 15-30 minutes browsing, spend another 15 minutes trying to pay, driving another 15 minutes home, only to open the box and see the remains of a new (well, not quite as new as we thought) item. Only to go back and do most of that again. I am a once and done fellow. Verify in store and lug it home.

      I don't blame HD or management for that. They are in business to sell prodcut. They care less about customers and more about meeting targets. It doesn't mean they don't care about customers, they do. But when their boss comes to town, they had better meet targets and reduce inventory.

      As for Mom and Pops. Goes back to what I said earlier. PRICE PRICE PRICE. Why buy that skil saw from them for a higher price. No need. Just go back to the big box store and pay there and save quite a bit.

      I could go on for hours, but each person have his/her own opinions. I can't justify what I do as right or wrong. If they offer something, I would like them to honor it. If you think for one second they lose money for an item being returned, you had better think twice. It is replaced either via refund or product. That is how they offer "no questions asked" as a return policy. The manufacturer just looks at it when it comes in and sells it as refurbed. Nearly the same price too I might add.

      My 2 cents.


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        By the way, just as an additional question: When was the last time you returned something to a place that had a "no questions asked" return policy, and *weren't asked any questions*??

        Every time I return something at HD, I feel like I'm under suspicion. In my case, the one that started the whole thread, not only did they ask me questions about why I was returning the drill with the sticky trigger, but then insisted on bringing the tool guy over to try to convince me it was normal on the part of the drill and that I should just keep it. I finally had to interrupt and insist, "No, I want to return this drill and get another one"--one that turned out to be a non-used, non-broken one, as opposed to the one I just had such difficulty returning.

        If a store doesn't want to have a no-questions-asked return policy, that's perfectly fine--they have every right to make whatever policy they want. But if they DO have such a policy, I don't want to be asked questions when I return something!


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          What everyone should be afraid of, if not for themselves, then for their children, is when 5 billion Chinese labourers want to buy 18v Rigid drills. We are going to need three more planets the size of Earth to support this kind of consumption.
          Anyway, canadave, in regards to your original post, the message is, "Caveat emptor"- buyer beware. Now, in your defense you couldn't have knon about the plastic tie prior your difficulties. I don't want to defend HD, but stock does get mixed up. I've worked retail, and I know.
          Being a frost-bitten Canadian boy, you must have had dealings with Futureshop. I've got a doozy of a story in regards to them that makes yours look absolutely trivial! But that's for elsewhere.

          Just make sure you've filled out and mailed in that warranty form along with the UPC from the box, otherwise your lifetime warranty will only be three years. Best you make another hard copy of your receipt, too. Those HD thermal receipts fade to gray in about six months, especially if exposed to light.


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            Anyway, canadave, in regards to your original post, the message is, "Caveat emptor"- buyer beware. Now, in your defense you couldn't have knon about the plastic tie prior your difficulties. I don't want to defend HD, but stock does get mixed up. I've worked retail, and I know.
            Oh, believe me, I know stuff gets mixed up; I'm not trying to imply that mistakes don't happen. I've worked enough tech support myself to know that, and I'm sympathetic to people who make honest mistakes, even in retail.

            But when I bring a tool back under their 90-day "no questions asked" return policy (which, by the way, was used as a selling point by the tool guy who sold it to me originally), and then get the runaround while they try to convince me to keep a tool that's obviously used, or at the very least, not working properly....well, all I can say is that it isn't good customer service. That's all I'm saying [img]smile.gif[/img]

            As to your FutureShop story, I'd love to hear that one. I'm not a big fan of those characters and their BestBuy brethren (you do know they're owned by the same company right?)


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