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X2 drill weights

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  • X2 drill weights

    Where can I find the weight (with battery) for the 4 X2 drills?

    Also, do all X2 drill make the brake clanging sound when slowing to a stop, or just the 12 volt?


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    I think I've heard them all making oise at the store. Then again, even my DeWalt 18 volt makes the same noises and it works just fine.


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      The home depot by my house had a display with DeWalt & Ridgid cordless drills of various powered batteries. It was set up on display where you could use the drills to drill holes or drive screws into scrap wood. I actually liked the idea of the display and ability to test tools.

      All of the Ridgids on the display 14.4, 18, and a smaller one made the clanking sound when the brake engaged after taking your finger off the trigger.

      I tested the DeWalts. They had 3 of same power size. I did not hear any sound on the DeWalts when I released the trigger. The DeWalts also had a break feature. It just didn't make sounds when it engages.