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R2601 Random Orbit Sander does not start

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  • R2601 Random Orbit Sander does not start

    I bought this about a year ago but never registered it. No idea where the receipt is. My son was using to sand a fiberglass part for his car. The thing heated up, smoked a bit, spit a few sparks and quit.
    It was really clogged up with fine resin dust. I took the pad off and found the bottom pad bearing was almost seized. I was able to loosen it up by spraying some spray lube in it and working it around. The main motor seemed to spin freely. I plugged it in to see what would happen. Flipped the switch - nothing. I gave the motor a spin and it started to go. The variable speed worked and it seemed to run fine. But, when I shut it off and turn it back on, it won't start unless i give it a spin. Took the top off and blew out all the crud. Popped out the brushes and they look good. Noticed what looks like some electronic parts as part of the variable speed switch. I wonder if something went kaput in there. Does anyone know if the variable speed controller does anything for starting the motor?

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    What kind of engineer are you?

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      The first thing I'd do is try to find out exactly when and where you bought it. If you can't find the receipt, hopefully you have a credit card document that will give you a date. You have a 3-year warranty, which doesn't require registration; but, you must have a receipt!

      Second, using a random orbit sander to sand fiberglass is pretty detrimental to the sander, especially if you don't blow it out after each and every use. While such sanding will reduce the surface of the object sanded, it doesn't break down the abrasiveness of the dust-like glass particles which get into the motor and related components. Personally speaking, I wouldn't be surprised if such use without constant cleaning and blowing out of the motor would void any warranty.

      By your description, it sounds to me like the glass dust built up to a point where it abraded the bearings, causing the motor to seize, and possibly fried a component in the circuitry. I'm not an electronics technician, but I would guess that the VS speed controller also effects the soft-start feature of the sander.

      Sorry this isn't more helpful,

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        Ridgid does carry a 3 yr warranty on the tool ... with no receipt they would go by the serial number on the tool to find it's age Ridgid's customer care # 1-866-539-1710 and be paitent.

        The link above illustrates some common repairs if you want to tinker with it.


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          But IF you do tinker it might pay to wait and see if its covered first.

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          Yes, I would make the call first before diving into it.

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        Thanks all for the input. I'll try the customer care number and see what happens.