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Compund saw - which one?????

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  • Compund saw - which one?????

    Hey dudes and dudettes,

    I will be looking into buying a compound/miter saw very shortly and since many woodworkers use them, I was wondering which is the best one to buy?? I'm willing to spend up to $1000.00 CAD.

    I trust Dewalt (I have a 14.4 cordless drill - wow!! and a table saw - FABULOUS!!) and Makita (hand saw - press the power button and it actually stays lined up with your line on the wood - smooth and belt sander - power to me!!!). Ridgid has left me with a real bad taste in the mouth after I tried getting service for my planer here in Quebec, Can. (A real run around from stores and Ridgid Cie itself!)

    Please don't even mention crappy saws like Back and Decker - aaaggghhhh!!!

    Also, what blade size should I get (10 or 12)? This would be used for heavy working around the house (I cut my own trees, etc...) Will be building a huge deck, renovating my house top to bottom - and much more!!! (YEP - ex-smoker!!!)


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    Get a 10" sliding compound...Bosch and Makita offer them...see how your hand feels on the handle..some people like a "D" handle some like the straight one...I like the Makita personally...I you decide on a straight compound the Ridgid and Dewalt are decent.

    Dewalt and Black and Decker are the same company..though its like comparing a Chevy Cavalier to a Cadillac Deville...

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      I agree with Paul's suggestion about getting a SCMS. What I really wanna know though is how you plan on cutting down a tree with a miter saw?
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        As Paul and Badger previously stated, go for a 10-inch slider, compare the capacity specs. and you’ll notice a 12-inch provides minimal gain for a substantial premium. I’m with Paul, either the Bosch or Makita, see which one feels more comfortable to you and if they both feel comfortable go for price.