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  • TS24241

    Anyone out there have one of these table saws? My neighbor has one for sale and wants $400 for it. Is this a quality machine? He says only used a couple of times and it does look brand new. It also has the Hercu lift system like the one on the 3650.

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    At $400 he's certainly not giving it away but at the same time he's not trying to rip you off either. The 3612 and 3650 saws that followed the 2424 have improved fences over what came with the 2424. The 2424 package was/is still a great package though. My guess is that there may be some room for negotations as far as the price is concerned.
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      I have had a TS2424 for a couple of years now. Love it!

      When I got it, my wife helped me set it up (she's great - let me buy the saw and helped with setup). We were able to get it to cut wood like 'butta'. I had never owned (or even used) a table saw prior to this and we got it setup with NO problems - and 2 years later it still cuts like 'butta'.

      I rewired it for 220V (comes from factory 110V) - ask your neighbor if it has been rewired or not. Not necessary to do - works fine either way. I rewired because I had access to 220 outlet and most posts in forum lean towards extended motor life running on 220V.

      The Herc-u-lift attachment is great - makes the saw very mobile - could be important if you are limited on shop space.

      The fence is adjustable and extremely accurate. I have added an extension table to the right side of my saw and moved the fence rails - it has just short of 52" capacity right-of-blade (0" left of blade). I measure after every rip/crosscut and find that my setting on the fence is virtually perfect everytime.

      Be sure your neighbor supplies the user manual and setup video (if he still has it). Also, the blade removal 'wrench' - it ain't much but it's better than nothing.

      IMHO, $400 is a decent price assuming all parts are included and he hasn't dinged it up somehow...

      You might be able to find a better deal somewhere else - but nothing brand new of this quality for $400. Jump on it - he's your neighbor - he wouldn't try to screw you, right?

      Good luck with whatever decision you make.

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        I have the 2424 and I don't believe you could do better with more money. Mine has been 'right on' out of the box...passes the nickle test every day...fence has stayed 'on the money' since first alignment. Get'll be glad you did.