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MS1065LZ Laser Guide Accuracy

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  • MS1065LZ Laser Guide Accuracy

    Anyone have any experience with the laser guide on the new miter saws? I like the concept, but the laser on my 10" saw is off. I've got an 80tooth Freud Diablo blade, and you basically need to add about 1/16" to 1/8" to the right of the laser......
    Don't see anyway to adjust for this........

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    There have been a lot of questions about the laser and I hope that most of them come from the feature being new.

    The laser is a feature designed to aid in aligning the blade with the cut line. There is an allowable toerance which the line generated by the laser is to fall within. After a few tests cuts you can usually becomes familiar with where you need to align the laser in reference to the cut line. Sometimes the laser line must be align to the right, directly on or, even to the left of the cut line depending on the how the measurement was made. So there is one variable.

    Some have found that on the saw, in order to cut exactly to the right side of the pencil mark that you must line up the laser line directly on the pencil mark.

    Users must also be aware to align the laser line while the blade is all the way up, not partially down. The laser is offset as to allow for the difference in the thickness of carbide tooth blades. This is where your particular blade could be adding a second variable.

    As the blade and laser move down toward the workpiece the laser is still pointed toward the edge of the blade tooth but, because the laser is projected onto the material it appears as though the laser has actually moved to the left.

    Although we manufacture the laser disc to a specific tolerance, there can be the possibility that a laser may get through that does not hold to this standard in shipment. If you, as the valued customer, feel that the laser is very far out of alignment, then I would recommend that you contact our customer service group. Let them ask you a few questions and perhaps the answer is a new EXACTLINE laser module.


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      I have this exact same laser on my Craftsman CMS that I purchased over two years ago. This is not new technology. The laser line is not the cut line and is not intended to be. The more you use it the more familiar you'll become with it. It doesn't take very long before you instincttively know where the cut line will be in relation to the laser line. Someone correct me if I'm mistaken but I don't think any current laser equiped saws use the laser line as the cut line.
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