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  • HD salesman rant

    I am in the market for a good corded drill. It will not be a Ridgid, I know too much. I have asked for a personal Ridgid catalog, nothing. We do not seem to be able to get a Ridgid tool catalog at the HD hardware desk. One of the first questions professional battery powered tool users have is: "what do batteries cost?". I don't know, I don't have any batteries, I have no price list, I have no catalog and I have no functioning telephone number. If we call the number the tool brochure gives me we get to listen to music and are told how valuable our call is to Ridgid. I spent 15 minutes on this dead end one time. I called it from home today and was told they don't work on weekends. If I call the number the HD system gives me I get sent to Ryobi/Homelite who send me back to the music number deadend. Over a dozen calls have been placed to this number trying to get answers to customers' questions. Ridgid is batting 0 for for 12+. Dewalt has made a bunch of sales as a result. I asked for a Milwaukee tool catalog and I had one in 4 days by special dilivery. I ask for a Ridgid catalog and I get nothing. I need tool information on the floor immediately, I get music. This has ALL the marks of a fly by night operation. I think Ridgid has become a German based tool shipper period. When primary vendors cannot contact Ridgid something is seriously wrong. Here are some questions I have been trying to answer for weeks.

    1. What is the "lifetime" of a battery?
    2. What is the "lifetime" of a tool?
    3. What is the return proceedure under the "lifetime guarantee" for a tool, who does the customer deal with? How do they deal with a company which can't be contacted?
    4. What is the price of a Ridgid 18v Recip. saw alone without the kit? How do I go about doing a special order for that tool?

    This has been going on for weeks. I don't have time for this nonsense. I am not going to recommend any tool to a customer when I have serious reservations about the company. Ridgid is all sizzle and no steak. I smell a big ripoff coming with this "lifetime guarantee". What good is it when the company is unavailable?

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    I called the toll free number and had no trouble getting thru. I was told and according to the pamphlet in the cordless tool display, the lifetime warranty is in effect as long as you own the tool, and after the 90 day satisfaction warranty the tool must be sent to their service centers. The reciprocating saw does not sell seperately.


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      It would seem to me that the outfit you work for is more to blame here than RIDGID. It's the responsible of your employer to provide you with the necessary information to do your job not the tool maker. My local HD had stacks of literature covering the new products, yours should have had the same. You did raise some valid questions but I think your pointing the blame in the wrong direction.

      One last question, could you please post a list of the manufacturers that you can call an get an immediate answer from a human being? The millions of people like me who hate automated answering machines would love to know who they are.
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        Afraid I must disagree. Retail depends on the vendor to provide PK sessions, and have virtually no other way to get the information to their employees. HD has one of the best training programs in the industry, but with chronic turnover have a hard time keeping educated employees.
        It sounds like the Ridgid/Ryobi rep is asleep at the switch. Any sales rep that wants to see his product move or receive preferential treatment will be in the store spoon-feeding the staff, and maintaining the displays of his product. Several members here have posted their positive encounters with the new reps. The displays in our local stores reflect the same positive effect, although training seems a bit spotty.
        But it seems the new CS program seems lacking as well. If a single rep lets the store down, the CS department should be there to pick up the slack.
        donchale, if you are in the market for a good corded drill, I hope you won't let your anger blind you to the quality these tools seem to posess. Tell me what you think is better and why, and then throw in the lifetime guarantee you'll get through the year end. Then try to burn it up for the next 90 days, and if you don't like it, take it back to your store and tell them you want your money back. That's a heck of a test drive.
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          BrandMan is out of pocket right now, or I am sure he would respond to your concerns. I am going to suggest that you use our email contacts by going to our Contact Us page and clicking on the Email button. Select either Power Tool Customer Service or Power Tool Technical Service.


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            Lets work off the assumption that you buy a tool under normal circumstances - not the lifetime service warranty. The lifetime service offer is straight forward... As stated in the text on the web site the definition of lifetime is your life. So long as the original owner owns the tools.

            Under regular circumstances....
            A battery - as with all manufacturers - is a consumable. When it no longer takes a charge or performs optimally to the users spec' / expectations it should be replaced. Cost on batteries... Vary by voltage of course but it will be from $70 to $100 a pack.

            Where does one go to get the tools serviced or warranty executed? As stated in the warranty we simply ask you to go to one of the listed service centers. They will be glad to take care of you.

            Now - for a catalog. If you are looking for a catalog on power tools or pipe tools. call 888-743-4333.


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              I think your remarks were not thought out very well. The reason I say this is because no manufacturer can say with any certainty how long a battery pack or tool will last. Most only give you a one year warranty, or two if you go with a few select brands. If they try to tell you otherwise, they are lying to you. If you go with a Ridgid now, you will never need to worry about battery costs or life cycles. the tools will have a lifetime warranty, so if they break down, you only need to turn it in for repairs. That is no different than any of the others out there. -I had a DeWalt jigsaw that spent a month and a half of it's first 7 weeks in the repair shop. They wound up giving me my money back.

              Also, each HD store has a huge stack of paper flyers that are pretty much like a catalog. The flyers list everything about the tools they sell except the prices. If your store didn't have any, it's most likely because they ran out. Anyone who even attempts to look at battery costs right now as a factor in a Ridgid tool purchase is nuts because there is no replacement cost! It doesn't get any better than that.