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BS lower wheel. How to remove?

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  • BS lower wheel. How to remove?

    I have the gray model Rigid bandsaw and I need to put a tire on the lower wheel and want to remove it.
    The upper wheel had a 1/2" nut that came off easily.
    The lower wheel's nut is neither SAE or metric and it is in such a position that I cannot secure an adjustable wrench or vise grips on it well enough to move.

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    You do not need to remove the wheel for tire replacement. The stock belt is too short to open the lower door fully,replace it with a link belt,move the motor to the edge of the stand as far as possible(helps with top flex too) for better motor support and less vibration than vbelt.
    If you want the wheel nut off easily, an impact wrench is best.
    I replaced my tires with the Rockler urethane ones,best price too.


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      The problem is that the nut is neither SAE nor metric. Even with an impact wrench if I dont have the correct size nutdriver all that is gonna happen is a stripped nut.
      On a similar note, my Ridgid jointer came with metric and SAE parts when I assembled it, and it even had a part that was neither. I wish they would pick one standard for each tool, this is quality control at its worst.