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    Whoah! This bag is tool small! Big FUBAR guys. Eek, Zikes! Zowie!


    ...owner of Ridgid 4 pack, haven't used it yet, but I've tried to pack it, ouch.


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      I don't know what you are talking about...the bag is the perfect size for these tools.

      Sure, if you shove all the tools in the bag at once they are not going to fit; also, you are going to scratch them if you shove them in haphazardly.

      I've found a simple solution for repacking my bag.

      Step 1. lay the 18V drill in the bottom of the bag, flat. Scoot it to one end. DO NOT stand it upright or lay it in the center of the bag, if you do this it won't fit.

      Step 2. Lay the Circular saw against the drill so that the blade is touching the bottom of the bag but the body of the saw is resting on the drill. NOTE: Lay a shop towell between the saw and the drill to avoid unsightly scratches.

      Now your saw and drill should be on one end of the bag, allowing PLENTY of room for the remaining two tools.

      Step 3. The Flashlight and reciprocating saw should fit in the remaining half of the bag, put the flashlight in first (lay a towell to avoid scratches), then place the reciprocating saw diagonal from the floor of the bag to the edge of the circular saw blade (again, you should have a shop towell or rag covering the tool).

      Step 4. The charger can be left out, because you won't really need it. These RIDGID batteries are the best cordless tool batteries ever made....ever. They will outlast any job you try to do with your RIDGID tools! So you won't need to pack the charger in the bag. However, should you need the charger in the bag, go to The Home Depot, purchase a single port charger (NOTE: not a dual port charger), because it is smaller, and follow the following three steps:

      Step 5. Unpack the reciprocating saw and flashlight. Lay the new single port charger upright, nested against the outside wall of the bag, nestled on two sides by the bag and the outside edge of the circular saw battery.

      Step 6. Replace the flashlight in its original position.

      Step 7. Place the reciprocating saw back in the bag, however, this time point the cutting end of the saw (with blade removed of course) toward the circular saw and place the battery end of the saw on the bottom of the bag. The Saw should rest on the battery end, angled diagonally upward with the blade end on the saw.

      Ensure that the batteries are on the drill and circular saw and that the reciprocating saw and flashlight are battery free, otherwise you will have problems.

      ALWAYS, always wrap each tool with a shop towell to avoid unsightly scrathes and additional wear and tear (remember, the warranty covers "manufacturers defects", not misuse.)

      Should you need to unpack a tool ALWAYS unpack in this order:
      1. Reciprocating saw
      2. Flashlight
      3. Circular saw
      4. Drill
      5. Single port charger

      Finally, if you can't understand how to pack up your own tools, then maybe you should consult an expert at, or The Home Depot.

      RIDGID is #1


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        You guys are nuts! Do you really have to go through all this hassel just to get your tools in the bag?!!! Ridgid is #1, you have alot of time on your hands my friend...I respect your post, but most contractors don't have time to play Tetris with their tools and wrap each one like a piece of China....these are supposed to be tools for goodness sake!

        [ 11-21-2003, 05:07 PM: Message edited by: Fred J. ]


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          Well now that I have read everyone's opinion, i feel i am qualified to give mine. I am still buying the drill pack (4 piece), and the 1290 in December. I don't like the bag for the tools.

          The TTI rep told ne they were going after the dewalt market. I don't know how many of you have employees that use your tools,but mine know they must put the tools back in their case (Dewalt Poly whatever) They didn't pay for them so not alot of respect for them. The case minimizes the amount of damage that can be done to them with the shell the case provides. I've seen them toss them in the tool van from 3 to 4 feet away.

          I will either make a case for them or I will see if they may fit in my dewalt, but SCRAP THE BAG!

          That is my humble opinion

          happy woodworking guys


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            that's the one. works like a charm. I got mine one sale for $25.00 and that's canadian. Actually, I bought a few of them for some of my other tools. use it like a handcart, a chair and whenever I need an extra 16 inches of height. THe box is sturdy. Only in Canada, what a pity.


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              Great story for the bag, I agree. Let's just throw everything in the mud until we get the tool out we want. It doesn't make sense you have to unpack everything each time you want to use one tool. But the tools are cool!


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                I like the bag. I just got my 4 pack combo today and thought they were snug as a bug in there. Would be nice though if the configuration left the Drill on top though. Great product!


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                  I fit everything in Recip firts than circ than drill and light last all batteries off. No room for the charger but the drill is on top. I don't mind a bag but would have made it a bit bigger with dividers sewn in certainly isn't providing any kind of protection. Some one is always messing with my tools or dropping stuff on them. Seems nowhere is safe. John


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                    I hope the bag is covered!!! So when it goes bad you can turn it in on a bigger bag or maybe a big hard case someday When they start making them. Something to look forward too.Just dont forget about the tools all though if the tools go bad you can use the bag to carry other things....


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                      I didn't see this covered when this thread was current, and I didn't have my 3-piece combo kit. The bag seems to work fine for the 3-piece combo and leaves room for the addition of bits, blades, etc. However, it would be nice if you could purchase a shoulder strap that would use the current closing strap clips. By the time you load it down with the tools and accessories it's pretty heavy. And having two free hands for additional carrying capacity would be nice if the weight of the bag & tools were shoulder carried.

                      Just a thought. It would make a good $10.00 aftermarket accessory.