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  • Singing the BAG BLUES

    Well I don't like to beat a dead hores BUT this d@$% bag is just DUMB and I mean DUMB . Now before everybody gets all bent out of shape let me say that as far as the tools themselves go I am very pleased. I have several other Ridgid tools and that along with the life time service warranty is why I bought the 4 tool 18 volt kit. However the bag has got to go I mean whoes brain fart was this? I spent almost $500.00 on this kit and some closet engineer thought it would make me fell all warm and fuzzy to have to cram my brand new tools in a crappy bag one on top of another, so that they beat each other up as I am driving down the road or as I cary them in to a job or my shop. I have read all of the other posts on this forum about this subject so I know that I am not alone on this. I would be glad to pay a reasonable price for a hard carrying case that holds the tools in place and ofers a great deal more protection than this STUPID BAG. I belive that in the long run this would be a better arrangment for Ridgid as the tools would probably not need to be sent in and repaired as often making their reputation better and the bottom line more profitable, not to mention the fact that it would do wonders...for at least this customers satisfaction.

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    I couldn't have said it better! Except...the Bag really really SUCKS!


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      Looks like the works of a lone troll. IGNORE.


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        I don't know what a Troll is suppose to be however if it means a person that has a legitimate gripe and used this forum correctly to discuss and hopefully spark action about it. Than you can call me a wood nymph for all I care "Mark IV". As far as you saying that I should be ignored without knowing anything about me well that just shows what kind of stuff you are made of.


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          Reckon it does.


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            Aquanuts!!!! TY TY TY.

            He just did the same thing to me on a post I replied to on the exact same subject! He's callin everyone trolls, and doesn't even have the tools. Your dislike is legitimate, and I'm hoping that we'll hear good things concerning future plans!

            Enjoy the combo!! I love my RIDGIDS!!!! WOO HOO

            See post called Official Limited Lifetime Service Warranty !! CIAO.
            We are all born with the equal oppurtunity to become unequal.


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              In regards to this lone troll theory of Mark IV.

              Have you even considered the idea that the tool have only recently been made available for purchase and that there really is a distinct possiblity there may be more than one person who is considering or has purchased the 3or4 pc. set? We don't all have the time to sit around and be insulting to others like you do. We work for a living!!! We do it so that we can keep purchasing our RIDGID tools, and quite simply want to protect our investments.

              For some of us there is an issue of CONVENIENCE, and performance. Nobody seems to be questioning the performance obviously, or we wouldn't own the tools.

              Take the time to read the forum and make an educated response to this issue.

              Better yet go buy the set for yourself and then tell us all how much you like taking at least two other tools out of the bag just to get to the drill (which most people will use most), or the circular (which I myself will use almost as much as the drill).

              Or, as you've stated you do, "Get rid of the OEM bag, in this case and let everyone see your pretty new RIDGID tools, that you've purchased.

              They aren't tokens of stature to the rest of us.
              We are all born with the equal oppurtunity to become unequal.


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                Thanks for the support I did some reading this evening (specifically I read all 108 of MarkIV’s past posts) and wile I will say that some of the time he had good info, on the whole I got the impression that all he was interested in doing was belittling people or just being sarcastic and in general trying to make himself fell important (or maybe its impotent). Anyway I digress the point is I appreciated the post and I took the liberty of rating you. I’ve never taken part in an online Forum before but from what I have picked up on so far that seemed to be the proper thing to do to show my appreciation.


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                  I've never seen anyone here get rated 5 stars after being registered for 2 days Dutchman.
                  In general MarkIV has added a great deal to many of the discussions here and I often look forward to his input


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                    On the subject of the bag, it is very poorly designed. I thought I was the only one who was feeling this way. On top of being rough on the tools, and having to move three tools to get the one you want, 9 times out of ten, I can't get the dumb thing to close without repacking it again and again. My cousin has the Milwaukee set, and it is in a bag, but it is bigger with a better top and latch. But I prefer the Ridgid tools over the rest, so a bad bag is the price I have to pay.

                    On the subject of the whole troll issue.... give me a break, aquanuts was just stating an opinion like the rest of us. MarkV is just trying to start trouble, There are always people like that on BBS. I have found it is better to just click the ignore button than to spend countless hours arguing.

                    Some people\'s lack of a sense of humor ruins life for the rest of us.


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                      I agree Rafael, Mark IV has given many posts that were helpful to others that I have read and agreed with myself. I simply didn't like his insulting response to my simple statement which neither attacked him or pertained to anything he knew about. Also, I really don't know about the star thing too much, I just come to type talk about tools. What I mean is, I don't know how one gets any amount of stars as rating, or the significance of what they stand for. Oh, I'm not really new to this forum. I've been coming on for about 18 months on and off, I had to crash my puter, and couldn't remember my old user name or password, and ridgid didn't recognize any of my e-mails. So I just elected to start over.
                      We are all born with the equal oppurtunity to become unequal.


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                        I found that if I put the charger in the outside pocket then all the tools fit in the bag without any problems. All in all I like the bag over a hard case. Imagine how big and bulky a hard case would be, plus I bought my tools to use, not keep all pretty. If you don't like the bag then use your new tools to build a nice wooden case [img]smile.gif[/img]



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                          Although, I still don't like the bad, and still prefer to keep them pretty as well as use them a lot, I don't think I've seen such an excellent reply to any post concerning this specific issue!

                          My hat's off to that great response!!!!! Keep reading and replying Dubbin, you obviously have great things to offer here!!!!

                          We are all born with the equal oppurtunity to become unequal.


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                            I'm not sure what ya did, but this five star thing must be a pretty important thing. LOL.....I think I broke a record or something. Seriously though. I was happy to support ya on this one. Maybe the future still holds promise, and if you read this reply, you have hopefully read Dubbins also. DUBBIN's got the right idea!! Man with a plan even.
                            We are all born with the equal oppurtunity to become unequal.


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                              The only problem I'm having with the bag is picking the darn thing up ...Other than that I think the bag is better for my use than a hard case would be....Had no problem loading everything into it. ...