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    I am planning on purchasing a new 7 ¼” circular saw and want to keep the price under $150. I want a 15 amp motor but wish to keep it as light as reasonably possible. I am a southpaw and wish for the blade to be on the right side. I am leaning toward the Porter Cable MAG 324. I would like to hear from anyone who owns one concerning their experience with this saw. Also, any other recommendations for saws that I might wish to consider. Thanks

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    I would recommend the Milwaukee "Tilt Lok" 6391-21 Left Blade $125 HD or Grainger. I own one and love it. Like you I cut lefty because I used a skill saw for years. You can't beat the torque 15 amps(I no longer use a Skil) or the weight 10.4 lbs. The adjustable handle is great for overhead cuts. I will not buy any other brand of saw due to the shear power beating out heavier worm drives and hypoids. I have cut through two layers of roofing shingles with this monster.

    Milwaukee quote "3.25 max. horsepower exceeds worm drive saws with 35% less weight." 345&mainCategoryId=362 &parentProd=281173

    Porter Cable Mag I bet is fantastic and quality is top notch. Couple things to think about. It does not have an adjustable handle. Is it really worth a keyless blade change? Will the magnesium shoe hold up? The Mag is only .4 lbs less in weight.

    I work with a friend who has one likes it, but still uses a skill saw for heavier jobs. Ok so now you know how bias I am for the Milwaukee.

    I recommend holding each saw in your hand and see if you like the feel.

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      I own the previous porter cable left blade model. I think it is model 743. I also own the new Bosch direct connect saw. I love the porter cable but I am still curious as to how well the toolless blade change on the new mag saw will hold up. I have not a single complaint with the Porter Cable. The Bosch is a great saw and the direct connect feature is still really nice, but I wish that I would have got the Milwaukee. A buddy let me borrow his tilt-lok milwaukee for a week and it was amazing. It is heavy duty and very comfortable. I also really like the fact that the front handle on the Milwaukee is mounted to the saw table and not the motor. It feels like you have more control over the saw. The Bosch has similar performance but the Milwaukee was easier and more comfortable to use. What you need to do is decide what is comfortable to you. That is the most important thing. As for power and durability I haven't had an issue with my saws.


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        I noticed the last two posts were steering you towards a left blade when you clearly stated that you were interested in a right blade. I’ve had the aforementioned Milwaukee (except for blade right) for a couple of years and have nothing but praise for it. As Paul mentioned, this thing has the power to rip through anything you can conceivably ask a power saw to accomplish. The tilt-lock and front handle offer exceptional comfort. The predecessor to the PC that you are considering made my short list and to be honest I think the only thing it offers over the Milwaukee is better dust control (IMO the Milwaukee leaves a lot to be desired in this department). Overall I have no regrets with the Milwaukee and would purchase it again today.



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          The saws mentioned are all good machines. As sdmf notes, personal preference for feel of the saw is important in a circular saw. There sort of like hammers - most any will do the job well but everyone has their favorite.
          One plus for the PC is the brake option. I don't think the Bosch and Milwaukee offer it. My personal favorite is the Hitachi with brake. At only $110 ($100 when I bought it) its a bargain and a nicely balanced saw. I've owned or used almost all of them and I can't see any reason to pay more.


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            I have to add to the postings in support of the Milwaukee Tilt-Lok. I LOVE it. I really like the forward grip and the adjustable handle makes it REALLY nice when you have to saw in awkward positions. Another thing that I like about it is that the cut line is really easy to see from either side. And like the others said, it will power through anything.

            But, although I haven't actually used the Ridgid, I like the Ridgid saw for many of the same reasons. Comfortable to hold, easy to see the cut line from either side of the saw. It wasn't around when I purchased the Milwaukee. At the time, the tilt handle and warranty of the Milwaukee sold me on it. I have never regretted getting it.


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              I've have had the Makita 5007nbk for 10 years still going on strong.
              Andy B.


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                I too would recommend the Makita above given you want it to be light and such.

                I personally like my worm drives. Yeah they are heavier but i like my blade on the side i am cutting so i can see my line and the weight helps me cut straighter


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                  Welcome back Andy, havent sen you here in a while


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                    No way to "Makita." Their new saws have had major issues with recalls.


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                      I like Makitas too, so I was worried to read about the recall. It looks like that recall was only to the lighter 10.5 AMP saws that aren't sold anymore, not to the Makita 13 and 15 professional saws.