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  • Anyone know?

    Does anyone know who makes the tools for Rigid? I heard one guy on a job say it was Ryobi...???
    Thanks, Bill-

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    I have heard that over time as well...but its not true.


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      Bill, It depends on what RIDGID tools you're refering to.

      Emerson manufactures many of the tools sold under the RIDGID trademark such as the plumbing machines, hand tools, vacs and others.

      Ridgid power tools such as their TS's, jointer, planer, DP, BS, CMS's, SCMS, corded & cordless drills and others are manufactured and licensed by a company called TTI. One of their subsidiary companies, One World Technology, or something close to that, does the actual manufacturing of the tools which are made to Emerson approved specifications. It's true that TTI/OWT also make Ryobi products but the Ryobi tools are not made to the same specifications as the Ridgids'.
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        Badger Dave is absolutely correct. A good example of that is the 5" Random Orbital Sanders which I own both models, the Ryobi and the Ridgid. On first glance, they look quite similar but on close comparison you will see that other than the switch design (an ergonomically placed "slide-through-the-body" type, all other components are completely different. Every thing from the cord package to the storage case are better design and better materials. Both are great tools, but you can see the Ridgid is definitely beefier, better quality, etc.

        Also, it should be noted that some of the Ridgid tools like the 6-inch orbital sander and I believe one or two of the drills are made by Metabo, in Germany. If you examine the tool display at HD, these tools are clearly marked "made in Germany".



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          CWS, maybe BrandMan can clarify this. As I recall, when Emerson first announced that TTI was going to be licensed to make Ridgid tool, BrandMan stated that TTI also made some tools for Metabo.

          I guess it really doesn't matter if TTI makes tools for Metabo or if Metabo makes tools for TTI. It does mean though that products made to a particular specification will dictate the ultimate level of quality of the finished product.
          I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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            I've heard that with all the mergers and acquisitions that the Delta unisaw will soon be manufactured by Harbor Freight. Any truth to that?
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              I always thought Unisaw was a Harbor Freight exclusive.
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                Harbor Freight is a distribution channel, not a manufacturer. Delta's Uni-Saw is still a great seller through professional tool supply houses and even on web stores like and

                TTi manufactures some of the RIDGID(r) power tools. If you look up TTi, you will see that they manufacturer products for a lot of different companies. They do make Ryobi, but as already noted in the thread Ryobi is a different spec and componet make up. As was also said in the thread, so long as the specifications for RIDGID are aimed at the most demanding tool users, and we select only the world class manufacturing sources, then you should always have a best in class product when you pick up a RIDGID.


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                  Thanks guys...that about somes it up I'd say.