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Octane high torque impact wrench thoughts after industrial use

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  • Octane high torque impact wrench thoughts after industrial use

    So I got my hands on the new Octane high torque impact wrench and so far it hasn't failed to remove any automotive fasteners I found, even in the rust belt. So I recently took it to work where we're building the components for a bridge replacement. Normally bridge parts are welded but this is an older bridge that's being rebuilt to original specs so that means around 1,400 1 7/16" head hex bolts and nuts. I personally ran several hundred bolts and the couple guys who are working with me ran some too. About half of the long beams were done before I started helping with that particular job but there's still hundreds of bolts left to run so I'll get much more time with the unit. In a week we cracked 2 Napa Carlisle impact sockets, one in one place and the second in 4 places. They're not bad sockets either, this thing is just a monster that we've been running hard. In terms of power it easily beats the corded Makita in fastening torque but the Makita won't overheat even after a couple hundred bolts. The Octane overheated after tightening roughly 160 bolts for a couple seconds each with about a second between each bolt so just shy of non stop. Might sound disappointing but I'm quite impressed. 160 bolts is enough to drop 2 bars out of 4 on a 9ah battery. So far it's had no issues other than overheating and breaking sockets, and if I take one side at a time it doesn't overheat so it just depends on the application and type of fasteners. So I think it's a beast, well worth the $229 and definitely if it goes on sale or is offered in a good kit. For good runtime I recommend pairing it with a 9ah or 6ah Octane. It is a heavy tool but that's the nature of the beast with this power range of tool. If it stands the test of time this tool is gonna be awesome! Let me know what y'all think! Click image for larger version

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    Good review . I have the original Ridgid impact , excellent tool. Still disappointed they don't go all out like Ryobi, and Milwaukee.


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      Nice. I have the old brushed 1/2 and octane 3/8. They work great. Got the M12 3/8 when it first came out to do nose tires did now work so well that's when I got the Ridgid 3/8 when it came out. Just ordered the new 1/2 inch should get it on Monday.


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        Finally got mine in.
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          Originally posted by Fly YX View Post
          Finally got mine in.
          Damn, thanks for the picture! It really is a beast lol.


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            Excellent review! thank you for taking the time to write it out and share.

            at some point ill be getting one of these, I work on large water meter/Backflow assemblies and water piping flanges and the power this beast has will come in handy.
            HEY! What does this button do?


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              Unless you need bigger sockets than are available in 1/2" drive, you won't be disappointed. I hope they offer a 3/4" at see point to open up more socket options with less risk of breaking the sockets