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Replacement X2 Batteries Don't Exist!

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  • Replacement X2 Batteries Don't Exist!

    I took a leap of faith and switched from DeWalt (my last 2 DeWalt 18v drills - and the batteries - have been JUNK! My first one was bulletproof) to Ridged and bought the 4 piece kit. I obviously bought at the wrong time - after the lifetime warranty and before the free 3rd battery.

    I was told the batteries would be available 'within a few weeks' and for the past 8 months I've been trying to work with two - it sucks! At least it's only a 30min charge.....

    Anyway, I live in Calgary, Canada and I need some freaking batteries! Ridgid are you listening? Nobody has them! ARRRRGH!

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    It must be a canada thing. Home Depot stores here have had batteries for sale for quite a while now.


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      They have them at HD in Toronto. Get your HD to call a Toronto store and have them ship to your store. There are some on EBAY as well 18V Ridgid batteries on ebay

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        Ridgid batteries are in the stores, you might not have looked in the right place. After checking the tool corral, go to Tool Rental. They sometimes hide them there, as a security precaution. Batteries are a high theft item, go figure.


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          You don't necessarily need a new battery. A guy I know has figured out how to just replace the bad cells in a battery. he does it all the time!!! I'll try to see how he does it, where he gets replacement cells, and get back to you.
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            IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPLACE THE BATTERIES YOURSELF. Here is a great company for $35 bucks that will rebuild your battery.


            They do a good job. This is the only service they provide.