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OCTANE Battery hour logging resets

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  • OCTANE Battery hour logging resets

    i was noticing, on the octane batteries that i have that will still report, most dont. my Octane 9amp batteries get used alot for the Ridgid radio in my baby girls room, so its typical to log 10-12 hours a day of use on the battery. i noticed one of my octane batteries that used to say 700 hours in the app, now says something like 200 hours in the app. so im thinking once it hits 1000 hours it resets. the charge cycles didnt reset, they are in the 70-80 area, i always wait til the battery pack is down to 1 bar to recharge.

    any one else notice this hour resetting? or noticed its related to something else like bluetooth problems.
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    I noticed mine doing the same thing. I used to check on it when I first got the batteries now I rarely use the app. Takes a long time to connect.