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  • Time for another Lawn Tool

    A couple weeks ago, I broke down and purchased the Milwaukee M18 Fuel chainsaw. I did this after a very disappointing experience with a new purchased 60cc Echo chainsaw.
    Yesterday, my hedge trimmer modified to accept Ridgid batteries, finally gave out after ten years of service. Next week I will purchase the Milwaukee M18 Fuel hedge trimmer. It is not cheap, but reviews were very encouraging, and I have several batteries that will fit.
    I remain disappointed that Ridgid, or whoever is making the decisions , has failed to benefit from the lucrative market. If you own the Ridgid battery platform and they sold these tools, you would most likely purchase if you were in the market.
    I have all the lawn tools I need at the moment, but I'll bet there are more than enough consumers to justify Ridgid joining the market.

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    I hear you Frank. A few years back I was wanting to ditch my Stihl 2 cycle lawn equipment (chain saw, leaf blower, hedge trimmer, stick edger, string trimmer) and go electric. I have a few Ryobi 18v tools and thought of getting their lawn tools as I had their 40v brush cutter/trimmer which can take various attachments but decided to go with EGO when I bought their 21 inch 56v mower. They had most of the tools I was looking for in their 56v battery lineup and more on the way. I have been happy with my decision as they have performed very well. I doubt RIDGID/TTI would ever offer a mower and I didn't care for the other brand mowers available at the time. Stihl did not have any cordless yard tools back then but they have since brought out a few. The EGO 56v chainsaw performs very well, and is all I need for most chores around the house. I'm not cutting firewood to keep a stove going all Winter or anything near that scale of activity so a battery chainsaw is the best choice for me. I still have my Stihl 18" chainsaw and I doubt I will part with it anytime soon. It's been put up for long term storage.

    I think those of us who have bought into the RIDGID battery platform and also those who are looking to get started with a cordless tool lineup have to face the fact that RIDGID/TTI has no interest in expanding into that segment of the cordless marketplace. Whatever their reason is it must satisfy them and their investors. Buying Milwaukee as I have said before just rewards TTI for not offering the same tool from RIDGID since TTI owns both brands. The sad part is most of those tools we are dreaming of exist under the AEG label and could easily be marketed here under the RIDGID label with minimal effort.
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      I ended up getting the Makita weed eater I got the hedge trimmer for free. Bought an adapter on eBay so I can use Ridgid batteries.


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        I'm in the market for a cordless chainsaw also but the one on a pole .. got on the DeWalt Lithium ion platform with a purchase of a fan ( came with battery and charger ) . Recently pick up there string trimmer ( brushed ) for under 50 bucks .. I will wait till there pole saw goes on special ... got good reviews.