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Is it possible to add a new inlet to the bottom of my Ridgid shop vac?

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  • Is it possible to add a new inlet to the bottom of my Ridgid shop vac?

    Working on some dust collection cart ideas and I was wondering if it's possible to plug the inlet on the side of my Ridgid 1450 shop vac and add a new hole/inlet on the bottom of the vac? Will this keep the vac from functioning properly? Looking to permanently attach a dust deputy to the bottom of my vac.

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    Basically the way a vacuum works is that the motor/fan sucks the air out of the chamber (bucket or drum), and with that a vacuum is created. Any hole in that chamber will cause air to rush into it, trying to raise the air pressure back to 'atmosphere'. With a hose, that in-rush of air simply brings the dust with it. The filter and gravity keeps the dust in the chamber as the air is sucked out by the motor fan, thus maintaining the vacuum. There is a science that dictates the size of the air leaving the chamber vs the air rushing into it. Basically you always want to keep incoming air less than the outgoing air in order to create and maintain the vacuum (significantly less air pressure than atmosphere [14.7 psi at sea level]).

    Placing another hole will have the same function, causing air to rush into the vacuumed chamber. That of course would be most efficient as long as you block the normal vacuum hole. The main problem that I see will be that your new hole at the bottom of the chamber will be where the debris collects and may well block or restrict the air flow, straining the motor and perhaps overheating it. Likewise, in order to keep the design efficiency, you new hole should be roughly the size of the factory-made hole where the hose attaches. If you were to say drill a four-inch hose, the in-rush of air would be significantly larger and the original designed vacuum pressure would not be reached, thus cutting the efficiency.

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      Thank you!


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        With the DD very little dust or debris should reach the vac itself, that is the beauty of the DD.

        What model DD are you planning to use?
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