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What blade life can I expect from the R4331?

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  • What blade life can I expect from the R4331?

    I just bought this tool a few days ago. Tried it out on some salvaged cedar deck boards 2x6 x 12'. Was trying to plane them down to 1" thickness. Got through a bit less than 2 boards and the blades were done. Is this normal? What experience do you guys have with this planer? Any tips on how to maximize blade life? I took the boards down in small increments (1/32) at a time.

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    I have planed about 900 ' of ( new ) 2 x 6 and 4 x 4 rough hemlock comparable to cedar on a set of blades with no problems .. I know dirt in salvaged wood or paint will dull the blades prematurely.


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      How much are you trying to take off in each pass? And 1/8-inch or more will no doubt bog the planer and perhaps cause the blades to dull faster. Taking a 2-inch board down to half the thickness is definitely a chore. Too bad you don't have, or know someone who does have a band saw that could 're-saw' it for you.



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        Ya, I am taking it down in small intervals. Finally gave up and ripped it down on my table saw and then just did final pass to smooth it out. Hoping that blade dulling was only because of some dirt or paint, cause otherwise it would be pretty disappointing.