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  • exactline

    I bought 12" rigid compound miter saw BEFORE exactline. Have difficulty aligning cut. Can I buy an exactline attachment? If not, why?
    Tom Slough

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    I just purchased the MS1250LZ and to be honest the Laserline is not really worth it. First off, the laser is only on when the blade is spinning so you are making adjustments while the saw is running. Second, the laser moves a little to the left as you bring the blade down toward the cut. And lastly, when making the actually cut, the laser is about 1/8" off of the cut line. Don't get me wrong, I love the saw, but wouldn't recommend the saw just because of the laser.


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      Could you elaborate on "difficulity aligning cuts", if we better understand the problem maybe we have a fix. Also Badger Dave and others possibly have posted a link to a aftermarket laser guide,
      As far as adding an exactline to your saw here is what RidgidMan had to say
      The exactline laser will not mount to older RIDGID mitersaws. The blade guard and the upper blade cover have been changed to accomodate the laser.