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Planer depth wheel problems

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  • Planer depth wheel problems

    I have the TP1300. When I plane, the depth wheel turns once I feed the wood into it, even though the snipe lock thingy is engaged. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Have you tried tightening the allen bolt that connects the depth setting wheel to the shaft?


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      I have. I followed the instructions in the manual (believe it or not) that say to take the knob off, advance the snipe lock a bit, then reinstall the knob. Didn't fit it. Advanced it more - still not fixed.

      What's ridgid's warranty process, say if I want to send it to them to gt it fixed?


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        How old is it? Might be easier to exchange it at HD

        <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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          about 3-4 years. But I thought it came with a lifetime warranty. I surely haven't abused it - maybe 1000 linear feet at most.


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            I looked at my planer last night and could not find anything else that could be tightened.

            Let me get this straight; You are saying that when the motor is running, and the snipe lock is engaged, the depth setting wheel will move almost a full revolution?

            The wheel should be keyed so that it only fits one way. Doese the cutter head also change depth?


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              Desmo - you're 1/2 right. Under those conditions, it'll move about 1/2 revolution, but only once wood is fed into it. I believe the cutter head is raising as a result. i.e. the tool is trying to take a smaller bite. I'm only turning it 1/4 to 1/2 a turn per pass.