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Oscilating Spindle belt sander

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  • Oscilating Spindle belt sander

    This is my first post here so I apologize if this has been answered before.

    Can anyone tell me where I can get the 3/4" size sanding drums for my Rigigd sander? None of the 6 HD's in my area have them and in fact I have been told they aren't even in the parts book!


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    If you go to Products->Parts Online, they provide the following info,

    To place an order for Woodworking Power Tool parts or accessories, contact 1-866-539-1710

    If you select the woodworking tab at the top of the page then go to bottom of the next page for "All Woodworking Accessories" you will find the part numbers of the things you are looking for.

    Here are the two links,

    Good luck.
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      Here is a guy on eBay that sells Ridgid stuff:

      I have bought from him before... He is great to work with... If you have any questions he will answer e-mails promptly...
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        I wonder if Ridgid didn't have an auction or sale on parts when they did the switch over? This guy may have bought alot of there stuff at this sale. That would explain why us previous model machine owners CAN NOT get parts for machines now!

        This is a great place to look for needed items.
        Thanks Big, great find!

        After looking over his items, I see a few I will be purchasing (if the wife lets me). Anyone wanting to double up the rail set as I have on the table saw, this guy has a great deal. $35 for both front and back for a 2412, same as the 2424. I had to cut the set I purchased for $100. I did not see him offer Fence's though

        Hand wheels and tilt rods w/barrel nuts. hmmm, some great stuff to make some fantastic things. I have been planning a resaw precission table which these items were on my shopping list. Also, tossing some idea's around in my head to make my own tilting head mortiser out of my shop fox like the expensive General.

        This guy has lots of good stuff for a decent price. Anyone enjoying modifying or designing what they need for their own use can certainly benefit from this guy.

        Again, Thanks Big, you saved me BIG bucks!

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          Big---also, thanks----Geeeeesssh! Do you really think they (Ridgid, Ryobi or whoever) just sold the inventory of parts for the old Ridgid stationary tools? If so, another good reason to be mad at them. I'm with Woody---think I'll stock up.


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            Yes... He bought out Ridgid's inventory with many others from the Tennessee plant... He has things in stock that aren't listed also... I bought some of the power tools cord wraps and they look great... I'm putting one on every machine...

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            Regards,<br /><br />Big Johnson<br /><br />Pictures: <a href=\" gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php\" target=\"_blank\"> gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php</a>


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              That was one of the items I was looking at as well. Also, some of the power cords. The new line, if not mistaken, has simple black cords. All my previous new release machines have the orange cord. My shop is pretty much Ridgid Grey trimmed out in Ridgid Orange with knobs & cords.

              Asthetics matter to me in my shop. I'm picky, perticular and maticulous. Fussy to what colors I see in the shop.

              I Emailed they guy for a large purchase price, but not heard back from him. Dissapointing. I was looking at quite a bit of stuff looking into the future for ideas of things to make for the shop to improve precission and effeciency.
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                Thanks Big Johnson,

                Just picked up a couple of items from him as well.