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Costco's $165 Nailer set $89 Compressor Feedback WANTED

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  • Costco's $165 Nailer set $89 Compressor Feedback WANTED

    for $165 you get a case with 3 nailers:
    framing, brads and finisher
    it is made by Campbell Hausfeld and uses oil

    can anyone tell me if they are worth owning???
    currently I don't own a framing nailer

    for $89 they are selling an "Alltrade" brand
    5 gallon air compressor

    Has anyone bought one yet? Most similar designs sell for $250+ so I figure it has to really be crappy stuff (and only last a year) not to be worth $89

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    you can never go wrong with costco products. everthing except t.v's and computers have an unlimited return period. no questions asked. tv's and computers have 6 months. too many people were upgrading for free.

    i've seen these at my local costco. they don't look bad. i always prefered an oil lubed compressor over an oiless. the nail guns are not for commercial use, but will work fine for residential applications. you still have the return policy.

    wish i bought stock in costco instead of walmart.
    i did buy lowes over h.d. doing good.
    costco has great customer service and their sales show it.