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    I just perused an article in WOOD comparing 20 different 14.4-15.6V drills and was surprised to see the rather dismal results of the battery strength section of the test as far as Ridgid is concerned, the last two spots. Any of you 14.4V drill owners disappointed with your batteries performance? For those that have not read it, Ridgid did much more respectable in the remainder of the tests, but failed to capture their “top tool award” or whatever they refer to it as.


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    Might be why HD has been running a special on 14.4V drills lately.
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      I bought my 14.4v x2 when hd was having the promotion and have been using it nonstop since, i bought it to replace my dewalt that was getting old. I haven't experienced any problems with it or the batteries dieing to quick and was very supprised to see that review and the bad mark that they gave it.