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Possible carburetor problem?

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  • Possible carburetor problem?

    I have the Ridgid RD 80701 pressure washer. I've changed the oil, put in fresh premium gas with stabilizer, changed the oil pump oil, and checked the spark plug. The plug looks clean and I have one on order (can't seem to find replacement locally). I have removed the carburetor bowl and sprayed gum out. It still won't start! I refuse to give up and call the small engine repair person. Do I need to go further with the carb? Thanks for any help you can give.

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    You could try spraying starter fluid ..... small amount of gas ..... carb cleaner into the cylinder head with the spark plug removed , reinstall the spark plug and see if it fires up , if it does .... its a gas - carb problem.

    I believe your model has a Subaru SP 170 6 hp engine here's a manual on it ....
    You could disassemble the carburetor check to see if the needle valve is working properly .... and with a combination of cleaner and compressed air clean the main jet and auxiliary jets.

    If all fails I believe his carb on Amazon should be a replacement ( but double check ) for $ 16 00 .

    Click image for larger version

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      Always start with spark. Did you check for spark by holding plug wire close to plug tower or engine case while cranking? Did you pull fuel line off carb and check fuel shutoff was opening?


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        Thanks for these great suggestions, most are things I haven't tried yet, sounds like I'll need to check further into the carb....Frankiarmz, no I haven't tried your suggestions yet, but will. Thanks again!


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          I had a similar problem. Long story short, it was the kill switch wire. There was a short somewhere. I disconnected the wire all was fine. Worth a shot.


          • Frankiarmz
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            That's why you check for spark !

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          OK. I sprayed some carb cleaner into the cylinder head with the spark plug removed. Replaced spark, cranked it up--didn't start. I also checked for spark while holding the plug wire (cap thing) next to the plug tower and cranked it. No spark. I did both with the spark plug that was in there and the new one I got.

          I haven't yet pulled the fuel line off the carb to see if the fuel shutoff is opening. I'm waiting until the gapping tool I ordered arrives so I can check the gap on the new spark plug I put in. Seems like I should start with the simple stuff first.

          For what it's worth, please understand I am a 64 year old woman with mad carpenter skills but no particular gear-head skills. I am just stubborn as hell.


          • Frankiarmz
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            Stop messing with fuel, carb, etc. If you don't have spark from plug wire to ground when cranking engine, your problem is with ignition . could be one of several things such as bad key switch , coil, ignition module....

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          Thanks Frank! I appreciate the direction. As I said, I am flyin' by the seat of my pants. Part of it's the challenge. I want to at least try before calling in the cavalry. Now I have a new way to go.


          • drainman scott
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            Steve's small engine repair has some good video's on troubleshooting " no start " ...... Here's one for checking spark and other how to video's when there's none present ...
            Thought it might help.

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          Thanks Scott, this video was very helpful. I really do appreciate the time you and others have taken. I am still thinking I can get this thing started! I DO have spark, so am glad to rule something out.
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            Spark is great news ! Have you tried spraying starter fluid into the carburetor? Were you sure the carburetor is getting fuel?


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              After removing the gas line to the carb and clamping it off, taking out the two 'pin things' (sorry, don't know all the part names) I went to remove the carb and found that there is a serious design flaw here. The carb is just over two inches wide and when I went to slide it off the two long screws, it runs into the frame of the washer. There is just over an inch clearance for a two inch piece of metal to fit through. WTH? What am I missing? Click image for larger version

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                Well, it didn't grow there ! Perhaps you need to disassemble a bracket on the frame, or loosen the motor to give the necessary clearance?


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                  You should be able to unscrew those 2 studs using the 2 nuts that attached the air filter housing .

                  Here's a short video showing how .


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                    Sorry I’ve taken so long getting back to y’all. Life got in the way of me working on the pressure washer. I finally got back to it today and I am so happy! I put in a new carburetor and that baby started right up! I wish someone could’ve seen the smile on my face! And, I now own metric nut drivers, crescent wrenches, a spark plug gapper, and most important: new knowledge--thanks to y’all!
                    Using the double-nut system allowed me to remove the old carburetor and from there everything went well. I found the carburetor on Amazon for $17.99—thanks Scott!

                    Spark plug: $5.95
                    Metric crescent wrenches: $19.99
                    New carburetor: $17.99
                    Fixing it yourself: PRICELESS!
                    Thank you all for sharing your time and knowledge!


                    • drainman scott
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                      Thumbs up .... Glad it all worked out for you .

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                    Well done!
                    What stogie are you smoking?
                    I do Palma Real Maduro 7 1/2x50

                    Cactus Man


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                      I believe that is an illegal Cuban--but don't tell anyone!