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    Hi guys
    first time posting on here and I’m hoping you can help me. I have a planer that I bought used from an auction. It works great however it shoots shavings all over my garage and a giant pain to clean up. I think I need a dust shoot/collector but think I might be missing some other parts as well. I have tried to google about this but really can’t find any solid advice. There is a lot of discussion on the 1300 and 13001 and LS models and whatnot. I have attached photos of the back of it so hopefully you great folks can help. Thank you in advance

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    Hello JoeJoe and welcome to the forum.

    It appears that you are missing the dust port (part # 827858 VAC ADAPTER [DUST CHUTE]), dust port plug (part #828714 VAC ADAPTER PLUG) and the center attaching screw (part# 8277533 CHUTE KNOB). Since you bought them "at auction" I doubt that you'd be able to find the original owner who obviously set aside the parts, or that the auction house didn't pick them up.

    The chute knobs are the same and you have two of them in your picture. Basically they just need to be loosened as the simply fit the notches on the dust chute. The center knob actually goes through a hole in the chute, to keep it from vibrating loose. I would suggest that once you have a chute, you simply put common hardware on the left or right and use one of the knobs you have in the center.

    The question of course is, whether Ridgid or another supplier still sells this part OR, is it the same design and fit as the current thickness planer. Perhaps another member here could answer this.

    Here are some photos that I just took of my TP1300 planer:

    I just took note that the pictures don't upload in the order I did them, so note the "Fig #" Also note the dust chute cap in Fig 5. It is used to cap off one side or the other depending on the size of vac hose or dust collector hose you use.

    I hope this helps and that you are able to obtain the missing components.

    Again, welcome to the Ridgid forum,



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      Thank you for the quick response. It looks like I’m missing the plate that goes on and then the chute goes on to that. Where the chute knob screws into. Any idea the part number of that? If I am correct looking st the photos


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        Sorry that I missed that. The part number appears to be 827745 SHROUD COVER and there appears to be a single screw (part # 813312-6 M4 x 0.7 X 6 mm PAN HD Qty 1). That doesn't make sense to me as I would think more than one screw would be necessary. Pretty lousy parts illustration, in my opinion (started my career doing parts catalog work and whoever did this illustration needs to learn a lot.)

        So, here's a link to Rigid's "parts warehouse": The items I refer to are #25 & #26 shown in the upper right of center. Availability says "rare" and they provide a number to call 866-243-2721.

        There is no illustration of the dust chute and a search on that site for part number 827858 shows nothing. I did a Google search for that part number and found this: for $27.90, but it says it's currently not available.

        Hopefully one of the other members will step in here with some information. Frankly I'm a little disappointed in Ridgid as their parts operations seems to have degraded substantially in the past decade.

        I also searched here: found part illustration # A95 & A96 but both are marked as no longer available.

        One last search on eBay reveals nothing for the dust chute.

        Sorry I couldn't find anything specific for you. Do you have the parts list (they call it a 'repair sheet") or the instruction manual? If you can provide me with an e-mail address, I can e-mail the PDF files if you would like.



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          The dust chute / vac adapter part # 827858 can also be searched under RIDGID dust collector AC8640 . Hard to find one available .. Here's a link for a manual of the Cutech 40200H-CT . They share the exact same dust chute . You could try calling the 800 number in the manual to see if they have one available.


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            Thank you both so much. That does look like the dust chute and it’s in stock. I think I found the knob and plate in stock as well. Thank you for all of the help. Do I have to order a cap for the other end of the chute or will it come with one?


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              I went ahead and ordered it all. Thank you both again


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                If you have the opportunity when ordering, I'd ask the representative, but on the parts list it looks like a separate item #225 PLUG VAC ADAPTER.

                I'm glad you were able to find the parts you need, thanks to Drainman Scott and his posting of the link to the Wudatools manual.

                Hope it all works out well for you,



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                  Drainman Scott,

                  Thanks for posting the link to the Wahudatools manual. I didn't know they existed, much less picked up the TP1300 planer from Ridgid. I like their manual, especially the photo's that they've included.

                  Thanks again,



                  • drainman scott
                    drainman scott commented
                    Editing a comment
                    I just happened to run across the rebranding of Cutech to Wahuda name . I knew when RIDGID discontinued there 1300 line Steel City Tool Works took there design and put in a helical cutter head and called it there own . When Steel City went out of business Cutech adopted there 40200H planer .