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Ridgid R3121 Jigsaw works Intermittently

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  • Ridgid R3121 Jigsaw works Intermittently


    A friend of my dropped his jigsaw, since then it became intermittent, it can work once out of say 8 times you press on the activator, i took off its cover and cut out a portion of the power cord in case the problem was due to a broken cable nothing changed, any suggestions as to what can be wrong with it or should i tell him he needs to get a new one?


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    You can ask your friend if has a lifetime service agreement on the saw ..... I would double check with a multi-meter to see if you have power to the switch ... The saw has a variable speed control motor that is controlled by a dial that goes to a circuit board my guess that's fine because it works intermittently ..

    Do a visual check on the brushes for wear ...... You could preform a test on the armature - rotor ( have videos on the net on how to as you probably know ). Last thing you want to do is randomly ( guess ) replacing parts it could add up to a new corded Bosch a much better saw . ( from talking to others ) I own a corded AEG .