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Rumor Control - Is Octane Battery Tech Dead?

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  • Rumor Control - Is Octane Battery Tech Dead?

    Recently read this reply/comment that was posted on a tool review on Utube in Nov 2020...not sure if all or part of the post is true or false.

    The following text was posted as part of a reply/comment by someone on a utube tool review that included a Ridgid tool.

    "Octane is dead. Try to LSA one. They only offer you 4.0 AH to replace a Octane 3.0 and 5.0 AH to replace a Octane 6.0. The blue tooth was a faulty gimmick and the 6.0’s suffered from over heating. I had 25 of them. Every single one shuts off and over heats with half capacity left."

    Having recently made an investment in Ridgid Octane Tools and Batteries but with limited use so far of those tools and batteries, it would be interesting to find out if Ridgid is discontinuing the Octane Battery tech and/or are there any real issues with the Octane Battery tech.

    It would also be VERY interesting to know if the statement regarding the LSA replacement is actually true....
    Is Ridgid NOT replacing Octane Batteries with Octane Batteries now or in the future during warranty?
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    I suspect they have their next generation of batteries coming soon as it's been a few years now since Octane hit the market. I personally find the Bluetooth more hassle than it's worth and it does often have issues connecting but the batteries function fine without using it so no problem there. As for overheating I've never had that be much of an issue at all. Maybe a few times running a grinder or sawzall under heavy load but not frequently. Every single one out of 25 shutting off sounds awfully like a troll that just doesn't like Ridgid or likes to start rumors because if it was a widespread problem, there's no way they'd be still in production. Just my opinion, I have maybe 10 Octane batteries that have all performed great aside from the Bluetooth.


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      I have a few Octane batteries the only problem I had was one of the batteries would not connect to Bluetooth when I first got it. Called Ridgid and they sent me a new one. I did notice that the old one would start to drain the battery After a few days don't know if the had something to do with it not connecting or not. I heard that there was something going on with Ridgid and Milwaukee about Patent infringement on there batteries maybe that is why they could not get a Octane. Don't know. Seems silly if it's true TTI vs TTI.


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      Looks like it has been going on for some time. This is another company from the link above.

      It sounds like what Apple tried to do years ago with the shape of there phone.


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        I bought a bunch of 9amp octanes in 2018 and all of them had bluetooth issues, recently called in and they replaced all of them with 2020 9 amps and the bluetooth seems to work great.

        check your octane batteries "octane" contacts, Ive had numerous work batteries fail with those contacts breaking off, ridgid will replace a battery for that aswell.

        one time I called in for a bluetooth issue and the woman wanted me to run thru a dog and pony show of testing my drill, and battery in charger even tho those tests had nothing to do with bluetooth, i guess she was just following a script. the other times they took my word for it, even told me to recycle the batteries at home depot, i still haven't got around to recycling the Bluetooth batteries.

        I do have issue with the octane tools, they reach the limit too easily and shut down vs their previous non octane brushless models. I have a brushless 2017 4in angle grinder and I can use it plenty, but if I use the same model octane version, push down to the same pressure, the red light starts flashing and before you know it, it shuts down for over use. similar story on other octane tools I have. they are set too tight for shutdown. i wish they would loosen that up alot.
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