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TS 2424 Vibration - Startup & Shutdown

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  • TS 2424 Vibration - Startup & Shutdown

    I have a TS2424 that has always passed the nickel test without fail, that is until recently. The saw has developed a vibration only during startup and shutdown. Once the saw is up to speed, a nickel will sit there all day long. There is an initial jerk when I start the saw but then smooths out. When I shut it down it is smooth through most of the shutdown, but then as it slows it start vibrating and you can see the motor bounce. I pulled the belt and checked the pully alignment a few weeks ago and they were aligned. The interestinng thing was that after I put the belt back on the vibration went away, but came back after a few days. I have not been able to determine the cause. I kind of suspect maybe a set to the belt, but I had read many times here and elsewhere that this type belt will not take a set. Does anyone have any suggestions what else to look at to isolate the source of the vibration.
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    If pulley alignment has been ruled out then check the belt for wear. Could be that its time to replace it.
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      I also have a 2424, and about the same thing. Mine is wired 220. You did not say which way you had yours wired. On occasion, the belt will jump off on start up when using wide dado. Reguardless of what claims are made, the belt will form slightly. When my table saw is not in use for any period of time, I remove the belt and let it lay in a circle. This near eliminated it, but not all. I suspect ware of some type in the motor, or a weak starting capicator.

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        Mine is wired 220 as well.
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