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  • air compressor "break in"


    I just bought my first rigid tool. It is the twin stack oil free air compressor (OF45150).

    The manual did not say anything about breaking in the unit. Should I just fire it up and start using it or is there a special break in procedure that should be followed first?

    Thank You in advance for your help.

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    Hi Jammer.

    The twin tank compresser that I use at work, needed to have the drain valve opened and then run the pump for 10 minutes(so as not to build up any pressure in the tank so the pump could run without shutting off ) and the pancake porter/cable that I use at home stated the same break in period in the operators manule.
    By the way do not panic if the tanks seem to get hot while you are doing the break in, because both the compressors that I mentioned got hot while breaking them in, but under normal running conditions they do not heat up.
    Also remember to open the drain valve at the end of each working day, as water in the tanks will start to rust the insides of them.
    Hope this was helpfull to you.

    All the best...Grayskin...

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      Some compressor manufacturers test run the units before shipping them. However, that is most likely on the larger industrial units. With doubt in mind, Grayskin's advise is best. I recently purchased a Craftsman unit and it too cautioned that a break-in run of ten minutes was necessary. Open the drain valve (as Grayskin advised) so that the tank isn't going to be pressurized and therefore the compressor will run without being under load.



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        I just got a Makita Hot Dog compressor. The manual said to run it for 20 minutes with the drain valve open to break it in.
        Joe Spear