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  • 12 Volt drill help

    Recently picked up a used 12 Volt drill. I've been unhappy with the chuck loosening on drill bits, so I'm trying to swap out the chuck and have run into issues.

    I was successful getting the phillips screw out, but can't seem to get the chuck to unscrew. Using suggestions from the internet I put the direction switch in the middle. First I tried securing a large allen wrench, but it just spun the motor. I tried an impact driver, but either the motor spun or the chuck would loosen on the bit.

    That's when I found I must have left the clutch on a low setting. When I tried to adjust it, it gets stuck at about the halfway point.

    I didn't think the motor should turn in the middle section. Is something damaged or stripped? Did I make things worse by f-ing up with the clutch. Is the clutch seized? Or busted?

    Am I up the creek, or can I salvage this?


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    So I've got you all stumped, huh?!


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      Cordless Drill Chuck Removal - YouTube
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        Thank you, but a little late for an instructional video. As I said, my clutch is jammed now, won't go past 10, gets very tight. I would have liked to give his method a try, but I'm sure there's no sense to until I get the clutch working. Most likely clutch on 10 is not enough torque to crack the chuck free.


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          I tried to remove mine ( which is working fine ) with a 3/8 " Allen with the clutch setting on drill and a 4 amp hr battery no go , just shuts off ... tried giving the Allen end a good whack still not breaking free.

          Unless the the chuck is a left hand threaded ( doubt it ) should of broke free ( stubborn ) .


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            Just another article stating the same as the video

            Drill Chucks (


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              Cross posting hoping for more help...


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                UPDATE: Took some Channellocks to the clutch to get it to the drill setting at which point I was able to remove the chuck using the Allen wrench & hammer method (the small 12V drill didn't have enough of it's own torque to break the chuck free using the method suggested in the video linked above). So I'm 95% satisfied with the results. The clutch still doesn't turn easily. If anyone knows what the problem might be, I'd love to fix it, but at least it's at it's highest setting now which is where I use it most of the time. Rarely need to move it off the highest setting, it would just be nice to have it fully functional again.