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Rigid Tools Suck....3 Gallon Vac Issue

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  • Rigid Tools Suck....3 Gallon Vac Issue

    Rigid Tools Do Not Suck....I wish they did.
    I have a little 18volt Rigid 4x hand held vacuum.
    It did great until on day it lost about 1/2 it’s suction.
    Theres no obstruction in its fittings/hoses, has fully charged 6ah battery, and fresh rigid filter. Stored in bedroom closet.
    Any ideas before I contact someone? If so, who?
    Anyone know how to test?

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    I should have stated, I’m a very big fan of Rigid Tools. My wife, only uses one tool, this Vac, so she’s not a big fan.


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      Take a look at your instruction pamphlet for service and warranty information, or call Ridgid Customer Service directly (the number is somewhere here on the website).

      The last I knew, Ridgid vacuum's have a lifetime warranty.

      I don't own that particular vac, so sorry that this isn't more helpful,



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        This may help as it gives both a customer service contact form and a toll free number.


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          Thanks. I contacted Customer Service this am.
          First issue with any Rigid tool, so that’s a good thing.


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            Customer Service contacted in 2 hours and clearly instructed me to dis-assemble Vac to send very well explained pictures.
            Once I took the filter cage off the problem was apparent. Hair and debris had by-passed the filter and clogged the blower fan. I cleaned it and it works fantastically.
            Not a big fan of all that trash in the motor. Will inspect original filter to look for holes. May have to make a gasket between top of filter and housing.
            Very happy with results and response time.