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Drills on ebay ?

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  • Drills on ebay ?

    I'm looking to get the 5 piece kit that ridgid offers, I looked on ebay and saw they had them brand new never opened.

    If I were to buy this what kind of warranty will I get ?

    HD mentions you have to send in your receipt and UPC code on the box.

    Maybe I answered my own question but I'm just making sure
    woops ................

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    You would probably get the sellers famous "out of sight" guarantee.... When the sellers out of sight, the guarantee is over

    Seriously, you got to question how someone can seel these sets at such low prices. How can they beat the buying power of an outfit like HD?
    This is just a guess, but the items may be salvage from hurricane damaged stores this Fall's storms. If so they may have been legitimately bought at auction or by some other means, but warranties may not be honored as the items are considered salvage by the manufacturer.

    Its getting easier to track which items go where anymore, bar-coded and/or serial numbers appearing on the outside of the packaging make this possible. The new RF ID tag system will make it even easier and cheaper to track just about every item produced and sold in this country. Thanks to your friends at WalMart who initiated the push for them.


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      I agree with Bob D., Ridgid has an "exclusive" deal with Home Depot (with power tools, anyway); so, I imagine any sales of product on E-Bay or elsewhere would be indicative of a supply channel outside of that warranted by Ridgid.

      I have heard that a lot of products are now on the market as a result of this past year's hurricane devestation. Stores and warehouses that have been severly damaged have allegedly sold large quantities of goods because they were in some way damaged. Often this may be only minor or perhaps nothing more than the shipping cartons were stained with water or mud. In such cases, the product itself may be just fine. But, if insurance companies have underwritten the write-off, I would think that some steps may be taken to list the stuff by batch number or whatever, so it doesn't get sold as new.

      But really, who knows for sure, until you see the product itself. I think I would be inclined to talk to Ridgid customer or technical service (or whatever brand's service dept) to see what they can tell you about buying such products and if there will be problems with getting service or warranty. If they tell you "absolutely NOT" or seem duely concerned, than make your own decision about the value you'd be getting. Some folks don't give any consideration to warranties, and therefore it may very well be a great opportunity for bargain hunting.