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Octane tool Max Output Battery

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  • Octane tool Max Output Battery

    Hello All,
    New to forum anybody hear about how the new Max Output batteries will work on Octane tools? Will the tools be at max power all the time so no more electronics powering the demand for more power as needed.

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    Welcome to The Forum


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      welcome to the forum.
      Ive noticed with my octane batteries that when i connect my USB power adaprer to the Octanes it does not consistently provide charging power to my phone it seems to cycle on and off.
      when i put the USB adapter on a non Octane battery, it charges consistently without cycling.

      the USB adapter seems to work fine with other USB devices, not cycling on and off

      not sure what this means with the octane. i figured ridgid would be getting a 12amp in the new battery line, maybe they will eventually
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      HEY! What does this button do?


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        I haven’t seen any of the new batteries but if you look at the sides of the Octane you’ll notice two metal contacts on each side This is how the tool and the battery communicate. If these are present on the new batteries more than likely they communicate with the tool


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          Hey guys thanks for your welcomes and reply. I’ve been searching You Tube and have discovered some information from 2 regular reviewers Tool Zone Review and Workshopaddick. Stitching together there input seems like the Max Output batteries will be sending full power to the tool at all times. So no more power on demand as the workload increases. Interesting also the Max Output batteries 2,4, & 6Ah will have the 18650 cells and only the 8Ah battery will have the larger 21700 cells. But I guess that could be a different thread for discussion. In any case thanks again guys.