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  • Trash day

    Well today I spent the whole day cleaning out the front half of the garage. It's two bays, one gets the wife's car and the other half is jam packed with yard tools, my lumber rack, welding machine, plasma cutter, 2 bicycles, and a load of other stuff that is mostly junk. Filled the bed of the pickup twice with junk I took to the dump today because it's open only two days a week and today is the only day I get to go.

    Anyway, why is this in the power tool topic area? When I was dumping some pieces of scrap metal I found a Delta 14" bandsaw. First I saw the stand as the saw had been removed from the stand I guess to make it easier to move. Then I looked and found the saw itself. Don't know why it was there as I looked it over quick and couldn't find anything that would cause me to toss it. I was a newer model not one made here in the USA decades ago which probably would have been a better tool.

    But I didn't bring it home. Wife would have shot me since I have three bandsaws now. But I was tempted to grab it and fix it up and give it to someone who could make use of it. Maybe I will grab it if it's there next Saturday.
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    That would be great if you could pass it forward. Some cash strapped young newbie to the hobby would be forever grateful to you.
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      So that's where it is!

      I walked into my workshop and I could not find my bandsaw...
      I looked everywhere..under the work bench, behind the Ridgid wet/dry vacuum,
      up in the rafters and even under my tool box!

      Oh said a 14" Delta bandsaw?

      Mine is a 10" Delta bandsaw..


      Cactus Man


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        Yeah. I really can't believe someone tossed that out. Why not put it on Craigs List for free? Then you don't even have to carry it to the dump.

        Here's a couple photos of my work yesterday cleaning up the garage and straightening out my wood pile.

        This is what it's grown into over the years as I have not been careful about keeping wood sorted by species. At times I couldn't because I didn't have enough room to segregate so I put it where I could.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	20210327_092329 (Small).jpg Views:	0 Size:	122.8 KB ID:	748446

        So yesterday I pulled EVERYTHING off my scaffold which I use as my lumber rack and cleaned it all up. I had some wood elsewhere that I also brought into this rack and some of this has been stickered since I first got it and was waiting on it to dry. I've been using it but never took all the stickers out now that it is dry.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	20210327_131203 (Small).jpg Views:	0 Size:	157.3 KB ID:	748447

        Those boards laying on the scaffold pick next to the car are 6 slabs of walnut which are roughly 19 inches wide and almost 7 feet long.
        In front of the car are some eastern white pine, cherry, poplar, and white oak.
        Click image for larger version  Name:	20210327_131158 (Small).jpg Views:	0 Size:	189.5 KB ID:	748448

        Inside the garage is about half of the red oak I have left from those two huge trees I got from a friend at work years ago and had sawn up and some more walnut. And also a bunch of cedar and some 2x framing lumber in various widths.
        Click image for larger version  Name:	20210327_131146 (Small).jpg Views:	0 Size:	127.5 KB ID:	748449

        While I had the rack unloaded I added some wheels I had bought a couple years ago and have been wanting to put on here so I could make this all a little more mobile, or so I thought.

        So here I have the wheels on and I'm starting to load it all back.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	20210327_165437 (Small).jpg Views:	0 Size:	130.6 KB ID:	748450

        And here I've got it all back together and the wife's car is back inside. The scaffold ended up not being that mobile because I have so much weight on it. It's tough to push around and I made sure to sweep the whole garage floor to get rid of anything that might cause a problem and to clean the pace up too. But it didn't make a difference. Still very difficult to move. I don't know what the weight of all that wood is but it might be more than the scaffold is designed for. I will have to see if I can find a home for some of that. The white oak is the heaviest stuff followed by the red oak. Those two make up about half of all the wood there.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	20210327_185141 (Small).jpg Views:	0 Size:	136.2 KB ID:	748451

        Click image for larger version  Name:	All Done.png Views:	0 Size:	517.5 KB ID:	748453
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        "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" ? Bob D. 2006
        "?ǝɹɐ sɹǝƃuıɟ ɹnoʎ ǝɹǝɥʍ ʍouʞ noʎ op `ʍɐs ǝlqɐʇ ɐ s,ʇı"



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          Your lucky they would allow you to take it from the pile if you wanted. Our "refuse management center" has a strict no scavenging policy and you can be fined as vehicles are inspected going in and out.


          • Bob D.
            Bob D. commented
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            Same here, I doubt they would have let me have it. But to me that goes against the whole 'recycling' purpose. On my previous visit I left a working trash compactor in very good condition. I actually tested it the day I hauled it to the dump. All the pieces were there and I had a dozen extra bags. I set it in the scrap metal area. It wasn't there when I came back four days later. We hadn't used it since I removed it from the Kitchen in 2014 and installed a wine cooler in it's place. I hung on to it because I might find an alternate use for the compactor mechanism but never did. IT seems wasteful to not allow someone to put something back in service or scavenge parts off a discarded item.

            Anyway, I guess the root of the policy of not allowing anyone to remove anything is because people abuse it and grab scrap metal then take it to the scrap yard and sell it. That takes money away from the Township who operate the recycling center so ends up increasing operating expenses. Unfortunate but that's the world we live in.