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Ridgid Drill Press Model 1550

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  • Ridgid Drill Press Model 1550

    I am looking for a replacement Spring Assembly for my 1550 drill press. The item number on the diagram is 27. Since the Ridgid part is no longer available does anyone know of a workable substitute? Does anyone know the dimensions of the spring so maybe I can find a third party replacement spring?

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    Did you try calling Customer Service to see if they can give you the dimensions of that spring. If Customer Service doesn't have that info ask to speak to who does.
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      A quick 'Google' search for "Ridgid DP15501 spring assembly 828880" brought up this page:

      Several pictures and referrals, but not sure if any are going to be helpful outside of the Goggle link to parts shown.

      This has been a problem for quite a long time apparently. There is a discussion here on this forum back in August 2015

      Post #8 in that discussion suggest a replacement that will work, but I couldn't find it. Further searching on Amazon provided this page:

      The OD on the 'spring assembly' is 2.93 inches. I didn't want to disassemble the hub to explore further as it is rather late.

      Hope this helps somewhat,

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