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Old Battery with New Impact Driver

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  • Old Battery with New Impact Driver

    I've got an old 18v drill that uses a R84008 battery.
    I'm looking at the R86035 impact driver. Heck, I have a charger, I have a batter (although I COULD use another)
    I was wondering if the new driver is compatible with the old battery and charger

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    All 18v Tools and batteries are interchangeable


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      That may be true for batteries and tools, but I'm not sure that it's true for some of the old chargers and newer chemistry batteries.

      If I had doubts about which chargers can be used with which batteries I would check with RIDGID Customer Service.

      I know that's not your question but since you mentioned you already have a battery and charger and that you might get another you could potentially have incompatible chargers. The newer chargers are labeled as "dual-chemistry" I believe. If your old charger doesn't say that and you do get a new battery then be careful which charger you use or retire the old charger altogether so you won't be tempted to use it and possibly damage your new battery or worse maybe.
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