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R4513 or TS2400

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  • BadgerDave
    If the TS2400 doesn't have an exorbitant amount of hours on it then that would be my choice. Especially if it's one of grey models manufactured by Ridge Tool. If it is, there is a good chance that it has a Made in USA Emerson motor and not a Chinese motor found on the orange version. With every new version of this saw, made by TTI, the quality levels seemed to fall just a bit from the previous edition, IMO. At only $200, I think you would be getting your moneys worth whichever one you decide on.

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  • Stan Stann
    started a topic R4513 or TS2400

    R4513 or TS2400

    Both available close to me for 200. I have seen both. Surface is level to .005 of an inch in all directions, with 4 foot level and feelers.

    2400 doesn't have a riving knife but both have all other accessories.

    One is from 2003, one is from 2013.

    Which would you choose, and why?