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TS3650- Blade Height and motor RPMS

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  • TS3650- Blade Height and motor RPMS

    After using the new TS3650 for about a month,I've noticed that at a blade height of 1/2" or less the blade doesn't come up to full RPMS. At a blade height of 1/2" or more it runs fine and I've ripped 2" white oak with no problems.
    I've checked the belt tension and it seems fine,belts are parallel. Also, the saw is plugged directly to a 20 amp receptacle(no extension cord,so there shouldn't be any voltage drop).
    Any one else have this problem? Am I missing something? I'm pretty happy with the saw,except for this problem. Any input would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Barry

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    If the belt tension is OK, I really don't see how the motor could run at different RPM's. Possibly the belt is slipping but if the alignment is right and the tension is right that shouldn't happen either.
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      At 1/2" or less you are cutting more on the blades upstroke than downstroke. Slowdown how fast your feeding the wood into the blade. It will turn at the same speed,but can be bogged down easier.
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