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Planer Rev’ed up and then shut off

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  • Planer Rev’ed up and then shut off

    I have a Ridgid 13” tabletop thickness planer. It has worked great for a few months with periodic use. Used it this morning to run some boards and then when I came back to run a few more it started to come on and started to rev up, almost like an engine revving up to get up to power but after if rev’ed up a couple of times it shut off and will not come back on.
    -I checked plugs and breakers
    -the built in breaker was not kicked
    -I removed the back cover and made sure there was no blockage

    any suggestions are appreciated

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    Are you using an extension cord?
    If you are get one of a higher gauge.
    25 foot 12 gauge should suffice but a 14 gauge or longer than 25 feet may cause
    enough of a voltage drop and the tool will not run!

    Measure the outlet voltage 120VAC +/- 5% [114-120-126VAC]

    Cactus Man