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  • 3650 Fence Alignment

    Yesterday I ruined the blade that comes with the 3650 while ripping a 2 1/2inch thick peice laminated wood. After replacing the blade, I noticed that the alignment of the blade to the fence is off by 1/32 of an inch from the leading edge to the trailing edge of the blade. I tried shimming the rear fence to alter alter the alignment but adding two shims to the two left most bolts (when facing from the front of the saw)but I had no change in alignment.

    Do any of you have suggestions on changing the alignment?

    Also, I have verified that the blade itself is NOT out of alignment.

    the beav

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    I'm not quite sure I understand exactly what you're describing but to realign the fence, loosen the four bolts at the front of the fence. Realign the fence to the miter slot then retighten the four bolts. It sounds to me like all you did was raise the left side of the fence up the thickness of the shims.
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      I'm not clear on what you're asking either. In any case.

      Pick a miter slot, make sure the blade is aligned with the slot. Then check and align the fence to the same slot.

      Do a Google Search (click here) for "table saw alignment". There is lots of info out there on alignment.


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