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Adjust fence on 4512 horizontally from front to back

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  • Adjust fence on 4512 horizontally from front to back

    Just bought a used 4512 table saw and the fence drags along the table top at the back end.
    Could someone advise how to adjust fence to lift up the back end to be horizontal/parallel with table top ?
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    Try slightly raising up the rear rail. Make sure that you keep the rail level when doing this.
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      download the manual, it's on home depots website. look at the section on installing the rails which begins on page 27. also see pg 28, there is a note about raising the rails when tightening the rail mounting bolts.

      if you just bought the saw and transported it home did you remove the rails? doesn't really matter though, after a move it is best to go over ALL the alignment steps. I hope you got all the accessories like the riving knife, blade guard, and kickback paws.

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        I have tried raising the back rail as suggested but there is not enough vertical adjustment to lift the back end of fence off of the table top. Any other suggestions ? I do not see anywhere in the manual to adjust this specific part of the fence.
        Could someone clarify that the 4 hex nuts on the front of fence are specifically for left/right adjustment ?
        Thanks for your help


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          I ended up using electrical tape and plastic bottles to raise the fence to the desired height !